Ray J Denies He Made A Sex Tape With Whitney Houston

For the last few years of Whitney Houston’s life, the singer was on-again, off-again with Brandy’s little brother Ray J, who, of course, happens to be the dude in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Given that connection plus the public’s voracious appetite for badly shot home porn, we all knew a rumor of XXX footage would pop up sometime. The only question was whether there would be any merit to it.

Not surprisingly, the whisper came from Radar Online which quoted an inside source as saying Ray J was sitting on a “gold mine” of sex tapes and sexually explicit pictures of Houston. The outlet claimed the family was actively trying to have the material destroyed but was still waiting to hear what their late daughter’s former boyfriend would do. No doubt Ray J could make a fortune by doing a bit of business with Vivid or another distributer, but his rep made the rounds today to claim there’s no truth to the rumblings whatsoever.

Calling the report “despicable”, Courtney Barnes told E! News that her client does not have any sexually explicit pictures or footage of Whitney Houston. Whether that’s true or not probably will never be known, but what we probably can infer is that no footage or pictures will ever emerge through Ray J. There’s no way he would have ever said, “Yeah, I got some skuzzy material, but I’m going to destroy it.” That would have been a PR nightmare.

Much as I love sex tapes and skanky pictures, Whitney Houston was better than that, and if she ever did take a few snapshots for a lover, I hope they never see the light of day. I’m glad Ray J seems to feel the same way.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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