Over the past few decades, the training routines of professional athletes have gotten incredibly sophisticated. From rigorous calorie counting diets to personalized core strengthening exercises, teams are willing to go very high tech nowadays to maximize performance. The New York Jets, however, are getting back to basics.

Head coach Rex Ryan, always willing to wander off in his own direction, commissioned sleep experts to talk to him and other high level executives, and shockingly, they all said the same thing. The players would perform better if they each got eight hours of sleep every night. So, in order to gain an advantage over all the other teams trotting out glassy-eyed and tired players, the Jets are amending the practice schedule.

According to ESPN, every player was given a handout this week that detailed the importance of sleep, and most morning practices were pushed back around an hour and a half in order to let the players get extra shut eye. The coaching staff is hoping the new strategy will begin paying dividends this weekend when the team plays the Dolphins, but regardless of what happens, the players are already pleased with the extra time in the morning.

Here’s what defensive lineman Mike DeVito had to say…
”It was awesome."

No team in the NFL generates more strange headlines than the Jets. The team boasts a coach that was once fined for making obscene gestures at fans, a wide receiver once accused of angrily quitting on his teammates and a backup quarterback who graces magazine covers by the bushel. Thus, it’s only natural the organization telling its players to get a good night sleep would be newsworthy.

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