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Rob Kardashian Accused Of Stealing A Photographer's Memory Card

Rob Kardashian is trying to lose some weight. For the past few weeks, he’s been taking every available opportunity to exercise and get moving, whether it be with his sister or alone. Unfortunately, that sweaty and valiant quest took an ugly turn earlier this week, at least if one photographer is to be believed.

According to TMZ, a photographer took some shots of Rob without his shirt on earlier this week. When the reality star realized what happened, he confronted her, grabbed her camera equipment and stole the memory card. He reportedly told her he would give her the money to buy a new memory card, since his obvious concern was those pictures, but he wound up just taking off without offering any kind of compensation. Consequently, the woman’s photography agency called the police and filed a robbery report.

Rob hasn’t spoken publically about the incident, but if he really did take this woman’s memory card, you would think he’d just pay her and make the case go away. After all, replacements aren’t that expensive and the photographer was just doing her job when she took the snapshots.

Of course, Kardashian is far from the first celebrity to get into it with the press. Someone could write a book on just the number of fiascos Alec Baldwin has had. Here’s to hoping this mess gets straightened out sooner rather than later. There’s nothing worse than wasting energy thinking about a situation that could easily be made to disappear.

Mack Rawden

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