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It looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back off again. Just days after the couple reportedly reunited for a sleepover and a date at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, all that positive momentum was lost last night after an argument derailed the former couple’s dinner date before it even properly began.

According to TMZ, the drama drama went down last night at a Japanese restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. Just a few minutes into the meal, before any of the found had even arrived, Justin and Selena reportedly began arguing about problems unknown. At some point, she had enough and headed for the exit. He followed not long after, and they both drove to her residence. Unfortunately for him, he was reportedly denied entrance at the gate.

It’s unclear whether they were fighting about serious issues or the fact that he wore a giant chain and a tank top to dinner, but either way, it seems like a giant step back for the couple who were well on their way to reconciling. Luckily for the Biebs, college-aged kids are typically willing to give each other second chances. Just because she froze him out last night doesn’t mean she’ll be in ice queen mode forever.

We’ll keep you informed about where this relationship goes over the next few weeks. At some point, they’re either going to need to commit or go their separate ways, but in the short-term, they probably have a few more break-ups and make-ups in them.

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