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Anyone who has been to college in the last few decades or has seen Mean Girls knows there are women out there willing to turn almost anything into a slutty Halloween costume. From slutty pumpkins to slutty Bee Girls from the Blind Melon “No Rain” video, there are very few lines no lady has ever crossed in the spirit of festive sexiness, which is why it should surprise no one that slutty Big Bird costumes are hatching all over the Internet.

Unfortunately, while this combination nostalgia and present political wink would definitely earn laughs, double takes and bad pick-up lines at Halloween parties all over the country, the idea of turning Big Bird into something to ogle isn’t playing quite so well with Sesame Workshop. According to E! Online, the company’s lawyers are working to remove the costumes from the Internet. The folks over at Yandy have already changed their outfit to “Yellow Bird”, though I’m sure most people will still get what they’re going for. Take a look at the number below…

Regardless of how hard it tries, Sesame Workshop can’t prevent women from wearing skimpy yellow dresses and thigh high orange socks. Jim Henson probably should have thought of this in 1969 when he designed the character to have such long legs and such uniform colors. Since he didn’t and the company can’t in good conscience sell the slutty Big Bird outfits themselves, I suppose making other businesses refrain from using the character’s real name is a fair enough compromise.