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Should Lindsay Lohan Stop Seeing Her Mom?

Lindsay Lohan may have had more than her share of problems over the past decade or so, but it’s not as if she’s the only one in her family who has behaved like a reckless buffoon. Her father Michael has been in jail and rehab and on the cover of numerous tabloids, and her mother Dina has gotten into over the top fights and made bizarre, possibly alcohol-fueled media appearances. For a long time, it kinda seemed like everyone involved deserved each other, but now that Lindsay is making a real attempt to get sober, some are wondering whether she should simply cut her mom out of her life, especially in light of what happened last night.

At around 11 PM, Dina was driving when she was pulled over for going more than twenty miles an hour above the speed limit. During the stop, cops got a little suspicious and administered a breathalyzer test, and she blew a whopping .20, which is more than twice the legal limit. Like a good daughter, Lindsay went to check in on her mother after she was bailed out of jail today, and while no one involved has spoken publically, it’s pretty clear the actress will support her mom.

On the one hand, it’s easy to see why she would continue to hang out with Dina. We’re all naturally conditioned to give family members a lot of chances, and Lord knows Lindsay herself knows a thing or two about that. She’s tried everyone’s patience over the years, and her mother has always stuck by her. Besides, just because her mom is going out and getting drunk doesn’t mean she has to follow suit. Plus, it's not as if she has a ton of chances left to make her acting career work. She needs to make the most of this one.

On the other hand, however, Lindsay needs to focus on getting better. She needs to cut the toxic influences out of her life. It’s hard to make wise choices when those around you are encouraging proper behavior. It’s damn near impossible when they’re making unwise choices themselves.

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