Sinead O'Connor Slams Miley Cyrus After Her Fans Encourage Singer To Kill Herself

After Miley Cyrus made it through an entire episode of Saturday Night Live without slamming Sinead O’Connor, there was every reason to hope the women’s weird series of back-and-forths would end. After all, the latter has a pretty bizarre history with the show that easily could have been lampooned, and the twerking pop star took the high road. Unfortunately, she didn’t do the same during her recent Today Show interview in which she once again called O’Connor crazy, which once again has led to another open letter—number four if you feel like getting specific.

The latest written diatribe from O’Connor mostly focuses on suicide. Apparently, a rather unseemly gaggle of Cyrus fans have been bombarding her inbox with a series of letters begging her to take her own life, and while she’s not going to do that, she would like Miley to release a statement to let her fans and everyone else know that mocking people with a history of mental problems is absolutely not okay.

Here’s a portion of the extended letter, which can be read in its entirety here

“People of your own age in particular are vulnerable the world over. It is therefore KEY that you apologise for stigmatising mental illness and in particular for stigmatising those who are brave enough to seek help. It would be much more helpful for you to encourage young people to seek help and not be ashamed or afraid to do so.That way, if you yourself are ever pushed to the brink of wanting to die because of show business’ effects upon you, you will be less likely to be the subject of the type of lynchings you’ve seen Britney and Amanda have to deal with, or which school kids the world over are dealing with every day.”

Thus far, Cyrus hasn’t given any indication that she’s even considering or actually will apologize. In fact, if I had to bet money one way or another, I would say she won’t apologize. Regardless, hopefully she uses this entire mess as a reminder to think before she makes fun of people with mental illnesses again. Not only does it make her look stupid and trashy, it has authentic, real world consequences.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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