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Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Tried To Walk Away From Police During DUI Arrest

Farrah Abraham may be busy denying the fact that she was arrested on DUI charges, but more specific news about her arrest has now come to light. The 21-year-old former Teen Mom star was apparently so drunk she couldn’t manage to figure out how to work a breathalyzer test. We kid you not. Apparently, Drunkie McTavern continually bit down on the device so the test wouldn't work, until police were forced to eventually complete a different Blood Alcohol Content test.

TMZ first got the dirt on Abraham’s penchant for biting, also noting the young mother was none too docile when eventually arrested by police. Abraham not only attempted to simply walk away from police as they arrested her, she also screamed and physically harmed herself by banging her head against the window. This is all after she took a turn a little too roughly and almost ran into a police car. Her BAC was later recorded at a whopping .147—in Omaha, where Abraham was arrested, the legal limit is .08%.

When the original Teen Mom cast moved on after Season 4, I had high hopes for Farrah and the rest of the ladies as they faced the challenges of being young mothers in the future. While Abraham hasn’t really hit rock bottom like some of her other reality TV peers, a DUI isn’t exactly great news for the young mother. We’ll keep you updated as this story continues in the courts.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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