Watch This 18-Year-Old Girl Flip Off A Judge, Get 30 Days In Jail

We typically think of judges as being among the more rational people in society. They carefully weigh the arguments presented to them in order to issue sound rulings based on facts. Very rarely do they lose their tempers, but then again, very rarely does a defendant flip one off.

That’s what happened inside a Miami courtroom earlier this week, however. Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat was handling a drug case involving eighteen-year-old Penelope Soto when he mistakenly mispronounced Xanax, as in the three baggies full she was allegedly found holding after she crashed her bicycle into a tree. According to The Miami Herald, Soto laughed at the judge after his auditory flub and then proceeded to giggle every time she was asked a question. At one point, she even compared her jewelry collection to Rick Ross’. She might have thought it was a wise strategy at the time, but it definitely was not.

Take a look at the shocking footage below…

I’ve seen people disrespect their parents, disrespect teachers, even disrespect police officers, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone disrespect a judge in such a matter. At the end of the day, no one is in a position to more swiftly deal with a lack of respect than judges, which is why it’s so unusual to hear someone mouth off like this.

After thirty days in jail, Soto will stand in front of the judge again. For her sake, I hope she takes that appearance a little more seriously.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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