Having a few beers during a round of golf is not only acceptable, it’s downright expected in a certain percentage of foursomes. Getting stone cold drunk, however, is bad policy, regardless of who you’re playing with. Swinging a golf club simply requires too much coordination, especially in places on the course that aren’t perfectly level.

That’s a lesson two buddies named Mick and Bobbie found out earlier this year after they dared each other to take nine shots before a round, and one of them wound up comically plunging in the water. Take a look at a clip from the incident below…

I don’t really want to defend this bozo, but I can tell you trying to swing a golf club backwards is astoundingly hard, regardless of whether one is inebriated or not. The muscle memory is all screwed up, and the balance from being on a hill is even worse. Many great players have lost their balance while completely sober; so, we shouldn’t be too hard on this guy for falling.

That being said, he’s still an idiot for boozing this hard before teeing off. There are people out there who think golf requires liquor to be entertaining, but true golfers will tell you that’s simply not the case. One or two beers might heighten the experience, but in general, competing against the course is riveting enough.

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