Watch These Geese Adorably March Through A Town

A gaggle of geese, a drummer, and a parade for no real reason? If this were America, someone might try to commit you for this type of nonsense; but in the Netherlands, it’s a typical day. These geese brighten up the streets as they march to the beat, and onlookers stop and stare at this strangely adorable sight. Who wouldn’t have a smile on their face as De Ganzenfanfare made it’s way through the town?

De Ganzenfanfare literally translates to “The Geese Parade” if you didn’t pick up on what was going down in this video. These guys tour the Netherlands and march all throughout towns with their ducks, playing music and causing spontaneous parades. I would like to portray them as the Harlem Globetrotters of the Netherlands, but their website gives no indication that they are anywhere near that famous. I have a suspicion that if Kim Jong Un saw this video, he would call up Dennis Rodman and have him bring these little guys to perform in North Korea.

This whole rigamaroo calls back to an age-old Dutch tradition of goose herding. Supposedly the herding of geese is something that’s a bit of an art form in the Netherlands, because I’ve never seen geese walk with such purpose and order before. If you live near there and are opening up a sweet Discotheque that only plays Swedish House Mafia, these guys, if no one else, will show up if you ask. They also do street festivals, store openings, of even theaters if you are looking to really jazz up that big day in your village!

I touched on how I’ve never seen geese act like this earlier, and it’s still blowing my mind. I see geese all the time when I’m walking in the park, and if I so much as get within a couple feet away, they start to hiss and show those bizarre retracting teeth they have. I’ve never been bitten by a goose, but I can imagine it feels like a giant pinch, and I’m not down for that. Plus, I’m pretty positive if you get bitten by a duck, you have a pretty decent shot of turning into Howard The Duck and I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy.

I wonder if these guys ever get into spontaneous games of "Goose, Goose, Duck."

Mick Joest
Content Producer

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