Most musicians are content to quietly roll out a music video and hope it gets some airplay. Not Justin Timberlake. He put up a countdown on his personal website, released the audio from his song “Suit And Tie”, announced Social Network director David Fincher would helm a live action clip and this morning, finally churned out said clip for Valentine’s Day. Given all the hoopla, his fans have every right to be extra critical, but luckily, the footage lives up to the hype.

Shot in black and white and featuring a guest appearance from Jay-Z, check out the official music video for “Suit & Tie” below…

I don’t think “Suit & Tie” will go down as one of Timberlake’s all-time great songs, but this music video is straight up swaggy. Fincher’s direction is smooth and elegant. He cuts between various angles the right number of times during the performance; yet, he pauses to linger long enough on Jay-Z and Timberlake to make the two look as relaxed and cool as possible, whether they’re smoking cigars or having a drink.

Timberlake definitely isn’t the greatest musician or actor we have, but a strong case could be made that no one is better at being a celebrity than him. From his guest appearances on Saturday Night Live to his overall handsomeness, there’s nothing he’s not good at, and in Fincher’s capable hands, his charisma really shines.

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