Watch Lady Gaga Get Naked For Bizarre Kickstarter Campaign

Lady Gaga has long prided herself on being open-minded. More often than not, this personality trait has manifested itself in her work as an advocate for the LGBT community, but that willingness to give everyone a fair shake also sometimes leads her to interact with and embrace some strange ideas—like the Abramovic Method. Last week, the Mother Monster spent three days in upstate New York with Maria Abramovic in which she participated in a series of exercises to heighten her awareness in order to help with “long durational work”. While there, she also made a Kickstarter video in which she strips down to her birthday suit.

You can check out the Kickstarter video in question below. Warning: It is most definitely NSFW and it contains nudity; so, you’re probably better off waiting to watch this one in the privacy of your own home…

Over the past few years, we’ve all learned to expect a healthy dose of weirdness from Gaga. From gold wheelchairs to bizarre interactions with fans, her entire life is like some bizarre experiment that often involves nudity, but even given all that, the above clip drifts further toward the outer realms of thought than most of us will be comfortable with.

In fact, I’m not ashamed to say I really don’t know what the hell is going on in this clip or what the Abramovic Method is. As far as I can tell, it’s a series of exercises that forces a performer to get completely comfortable with his or her immediate environment and to still maintain intense focus on a type of art being performed, whether it be acting or singing. Would I bet my house on it though? No, I would not.

You can go ahead and watch the video below to formulate your own hypothesis…

If all goes according to plan, the Kickstarter Project will raise $600,000 as part of a $20 million project to provide a permanent home for the Marina Abramovic Institute. The large space in Hudson, New York, which the founder already purchased and donated, will offer room for a wide variety of installations and programs for students who want to learn and performers who want to practice their craft. Thus far, more than $250,000 has been donated, and that figure is climbing higher by the hour. Consequently, it would be a shock if the goal isn’t met before the deadline 16 days from now.

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