Watch This Video To Learn 45 Weird And Hilarious Facts About US Presidents

With both Lincoln and Veep coming to Blu-ray this week, it only seems fitting to work in a political video. Luckily for everyone reading this article, Mental Floss’ new one released this morning just so happens to be awesome.

Entitled 45 Odd Facts About US Presidents, it offers exactly what it describes, as well as plenty of snarky commentary and a few throwaway extra facts that are directly related to one of the aforementioned forty-five. If I had to choose my favorite and wasn’t allowed to say all of them, I’d probably pick Martin Van Buren’s entire autobiography failing to mention his wife. I get electing to focus on the public rather than the private, but how could someone possibly not even mention his significant other off-handedly at least once? Although, humorously, mentioning your wife too many times in a memoir might actually be worse.

The best thing about YouTube’s ever increasing popularity is the amount of well-produced content continually being uploaded. For a long time, the site was mostly cats and people falling down at weddings, but in recent years, people who know what they’re doing have started using the service. This is a great example of that.

Mack Rawden
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