More details are starting to emerge from last night’s Amanda Bynes arrest, and like everything else in her life over the past year or so, they’re aggressively weird. Apparently, the mess began a little before 8 PM in the lobby of her beautiful Manhattan apartment building, The Biltmore. Someone who works for the complex allegedly spotted her smoking weed inside the lobby and called police. When the officers arrived at her apartment a short time later, they allegedly walked into a heavy stench of pot, prompting Bynes to chuck a bong out her 36th floor window. No one was hurt by the dangerous toss, but that didn’t stop the place from hauling Bynes down to the station, charging her with tampering with evidence, marijuana possession and reckless endangerment and later shipping her off to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psych evaluation.

According to The New York Daily News, the strange behavior continued in court this morning. Bynes arrived sporting a platinum blond wig that covered much of her face. She reportedly asked photographers not to take her picture and most oddly of all, rocked one pink acrylic nail on her middle finger during the festivities. Whether she planned it that way, was simply in the middle of doing her nails when the cops showed up last night or the others just fell off while at the station is unclear. Regardless, it all made for a pretty strange court appearance.

Rumors about Bynes’ mental health have been swirling for months. At this point, it’s unclear whether she’ll be treated for the alleged issue, but if it’s that route or jail, she may strongly consider it. We will keep you updated. Until then, try to keep your smoking paraphernalia hidden when someone unexpectedly knocks on your door. After all, it could be the police, and at that point, chucking it out the window is a bad call.

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