Amanda Bynes has been having serious vehicular problems since April, but over the past few weeks, the concerns have gotten a lot bigger than just poor driving. From talking to inanimate objects to letting her residence go to taking off her top at the gym during a spin class, the actress has been accused of all kinds of weird, borderline scary behavior, and apparently, her management team is sick and tired of picking up the pieces.

According to TMZ, the former All That star’s publicist, agent and entertainment lawyer have all severed ties with Bynes during the past month or so. For years, she was reportedly a great client, but lately, she’s allegedly been blowing off meetings, not returning phone calls and behaving strangely. When she refused to get help or alter her behavior, all three supposedly made separate decisions that enough was enough.

At first, it was easy to laugh about Amanda’s record behind the wheel. Most of us know some truly miserable drivers, and thinking about the actress allegedly having the balls to try and hit-and-run a police officer was hilarious. Unfortunately, all that’s happened since has put all of those incidents into a different context. She almost definitely needs professional help. In theory, if anyone could get the actress to try rehab or medication or something, it would be her agent or publicist. Unfortunately, they’ve now bailed. It’s easy to see why, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was the right decision.

What do you think? Did Bynes’ management team have an obligation to get her help, or were they justified in leaving? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should They Have Left?

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