Prosecutors keep throwing Lindsay Lohan a life raft to guarantee herself freedom, but apparently, she’d rather fight it out in court and risk jail time than admit she lied to the police about who was driving during her car accident last summer. Rumor has it the fine people over at the Santa Monica District Attorney’s Office told the actress’ new attorney Mark Heller that they’d be willing to slap her on the wrist with a mere ninety days of house arrest if she would fess up, but as of press time, she’s still unwilling to go there.

According to TMZ, if Lohan is convicted of the charges against her, she could be sentenced to months behind bars. Considering the DA’s office has her now ex-assistant’s testimony that the starlet was driving, as well as that of the other driver she hit, it seems likely that might happen too. That’s why most observers expected her to agree to some kind of deal to limit her punishment, but either because she’s innocent or stubborn, she’s completely unwilling to admit any fault at this point.

Remember when Lohan just made movies without the tabloid drama? Me neither. It seems like she’s been having run-ins with the police and studio executives for more than a decade now. Hopefully, she’ll use all of this hoopla to finally alter the way she looks at the world and grow the hell up.

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