Katee Sackhoff Stuns In Bikini, But Some Of The Comments From Star Wars Fans Are Gross

Katee Sackhoff has been back to work since having her little one Ginevra Grace Gadsby in December of last year. The Mandalorian and BSG actress has kept busy, but she’s been candid in the past about how tough it is to be away from her little one. Which is why I’m so happy to see the mom of 1 threw on a bikini to spend a day with her daughter at the beach. Unfortunately, a lot of the commentary from Star Wars fans is about sitting on her face.

Look, Sackhoff nearly always looks stunning, and I love her printed high-waisted bikini bottoms and flattering off-matched top. I love that she’s drinking a beer with a margarita floater (fun choice) and I love she got to spend a blissful day relaxing with her little one. Take a look. 

Unfortunately, a lot of celebrity moms like Kristin Cavallari have taken flack in recent months for wearing bikinis to the beach or the pool. In The Mandalorian actress’ case, the comments don’t get down on her for rocking swimwear as a mom. In fact, most fans seemed happy about the swimwear, though some of these comments are gross in a completely different way. 

In fact, a lot of the comments are harkening back to an interview Sackhoff did recently in which she joked about Mando fans, noting of them, 

70% are super, super excited about [my Star Wars character], you got 10% like 'I hated the whole thing,' you got 5%, you just hate Bo, and then you got 2% that want me to sit on their face.

I get it. Sackhoff is a sex symbol in the world of sci-fi fans and I love that she could joke around about it in her interview with The Big Thing.  Except that it has then spawned a lot of social media users to adopt the phase. Myriad comments on this cute post with her kid are about this sitting on her face thing. 

  • 2% gang rise up (this comment had 1,083 likes at the time of this writing)
  • 2% where we at! (761 likes at the time of this writing) 
  • We’re hitting 3% now with these comments (387 likes)
  • May the force be with 2% (337 likes)

This isn’t the first time fans with a Disney+ subscription have gotten thirsty over Bo-Katan, which is probably why Sackhoff joked about it in the first place. Remember the Mandalorian episode when Bo-Katan was just lounging around on the throne in her castle? People hyped that moment in a thirst trap-y way too. 

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Look, Katee Sackhoff has been dealing with fans like this for a long time. There was the time a fan asked her to "send nudes" and the BSG alum complied. So, she's probably not super bothered by the fans latching onto her viral comment. 

I’m just saying, y’’all are better than this.

So, I’m just gonna wrap this up by noting that I hope she had a wonderful time with her daughter at the beach. Sackhoff's been open about being away from her little one for work and how hard it has been. Though I assume one of the pros of the actress’ profession is that she can take memorable breaks like this one both from her professional life, but also all the “fans” who follow her.

Jessica Rawden
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