Kristin Cavallari Claps Back At Trolls Who Shame Mothers With Memorable Black Bikini Post

Kristin Cavallari on Very Cavallari.
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There are plenty of challenging jobs that one can have, but few are as demanding and complex as that of a mother. Media personality and fashion designer Kristin Cavallari knows that all too well, as she’s the mom of three little ones. She’s proud of her mommy status and occasionally posts about her kids (and typically keeps their faces hidden). Unfortunately, she’s garnered negative reactions from trolls, who’ve criticized her figure and choices of attire as a mother. Cavallari’s fans, however, are sure to know that she doesn’t let such hate bring her down, and she proved that by clapping back with a memorable black bikini post. 

The 36-year-old star took to her Instagram this weekend to share a couple sizzling hot pics of herself. Her fit figure is on full display, as she poses on top of a table. And while the images are fairly impressive, it’s the cheeky caption that truly puts an exclamation point on the post. You can check out the photos for yourself down below: 

After this pitch-perfect post, the haters may want to think twice before they consider critiquing the Hills alum. Kristin Cavallari, to put it mildly, looks downright stunning here and is definitely working the black ensemble and the messy ponytail. While the photos certainly send a message about her own body and fashion choices, there’s a bigger statement being made. She’s trying to get across the point that mothers are still incredibly sexy and shouldn’t be judged, and one can’t help but appreciate the sentiment. 

Her social media followers seem to be living for the fresh pictures as well. One user, paayal26, simply posed the question, “Who says moms can’t be hot[?]” Another, geraldbarbee, referred to the star as “The best thing to come out of Laguna Beach.” But it was shandeoliveira’s comment that really took the cake, as they provided some honest thoughts on the kind of blowback that mothers get: 

Love this! The amount of times mothers get crap for wanting to be themselves is awful. You look amazing and happy and that’s what matters.. spread the confidence girl. Love it

Kristin Cavallari shares 10-year-old Camden, 8-year-old Jaxson and 7-year-old Saylor with former spouse Jay Cutler. Married in 2013, Cavallari and Cutler opted to divorce in 2020 with the legal agreement being finalized in 2022. Though Cavallari got candid at times about how difficult the split was, she kept a positive attitude, even joking about dating amid the proceedings. More recently, she opened up about rumors surrounding the split as well as Cutler’s public complaints. Going through such scrutiny has to be difficult for a celeb, especially when you also have children that you want to protect. Kudos to the mom for keeping her head and her children safe during that turbulent time. 

But presently, the reality TV alum is sure to inspire a lot of other mothers with her stunning bikini photos. One would hope that she won’t continue to get bombarded with comments from trolls and haters. However, in the event that it happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if she reminds them who they’re dealing with by sharing a few more striking images.

Those who want to check out Kristin Cavallari’s past TV work can stream The Hills with a Hulu subscription and/or Very Cavallari using a Peacock subscription. And keep your eye on the 2023 TV schedule in case she pops up there.

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