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A Madea Homecoming’s Tyler Perry Explains 'Most Important' Thing He Does To Stay Sane While Working On So Many Projects At Once

Tyler Perry smiling during a newscast in Don't Look Up.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Tyler Perry has built his whole brand on being the busiest man in Hollywood. In addition to releasing A Madea Homecoming, Perry has been going full throttle – writing, directing, and producing multiple projects at the same time. It appeared the multihyphenate is working every waking hour of the day. But despite the worker bee image viewers constantly see, Perry opened up about keeping his sanity while juggling so many projects at once.

Perry has multiple projects airing at the same time. He has his hand in everything from comedies and dramas to children’s television across multiple platforms. So to say he’s busy is an understatement. But when does the man rest? Tyler Perry revealed to BlackTree TV what he does for self-care while promoting Madea’s return.

You know what, people look at it, they see all the content, they see all of the shows and it seems like I'm working 24/7, seven days a week. But I do build in a lot of breaks for myself so that I can take a minute to rest and think. That's the most important thing. Just build those breaks in so you can relax.

Despite all the jobs he’s juggling, Perry does make time to relax and recharge. Along with his creative outputs, the Don’t Look Up star is running his Atlanta-based studio complex. Clearly he has multiple irons in the fire. The multihyphenate needs those quiet moments to replenish his creative juices. Doing so is important to maintaining his billion-dollar empire.

While Perry has penciled in some relaxation, he isn’t the only one thinking about downtime. In the same interview, the director-actor channeled the beloved Madea when asked how the movie matriarch practices self-care.

Well, by taking a bath. That's the first thing you do, you take a bath, you wash yourself.

Leave it to Madea to keep things simple. Soaking in a bath does sound like the perfect way to relax at the end of a busy day. Listening to your favorite music surrounded by aromatic lit candles and scent bubbles is a great relaxation scenario for any mogul looking to unwind. Even taking a long shower could lead to some great alone time. While the beloved character came through, Tyler Perry might’ve been hinting at his actual self-care routine.

But the multihyphenate’s extremely packed schedule might be getting a little lighter in the coming years. Perry admitted he wants to hand over his television projects to new directors and writers while shifting to being more as an overseer. But getting to that point was decades in the making after catching heat in for writing his TV shows himself. But self-care is a part of Tyler Perry’s life as evidenced by his viral end-of-the-year 2021 thirst trap.

All this doesn’t mean Tyler Perry isn’t slowing down any time soon as he gets ready to release his dream project A Jazzman’s Blue along with working on Sister Act 3 with Whoopi Goldberg. If you want to see what else Perry has going on, just look over at which upcoming movies and returning TV shows are coming in 2022.

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