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Tyler Perry Shares How Whoopi Goldberg Feels About Making Sister Act 3

Sister Mary Clarence conducting the choir with an audience in the background.
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We’ve been hearing all about the makings of a new Sister Act film for quite a while now. Luckily, the third Sister Act is finally happening and expected to be released as a Disney+ movie. Here’s another reason for you all to sing “Oh Happy Day!”- the long-awaited sequel’s producer is none other than Tyler Perry himself! Perry shared how Whoopi Goldberg feels about returning to the iconic role that got people singing and rocking out.

The interview from THR revealed that Tyler Perry is on top of everything regarding the third Sister Act. In fact, things seem to be moving forward at a quick clip. Perry noted the real reason Goldberg's finally getting her wish of making a third movie has to do with the country being primed for a "feel-good moment" like the franchise tends to bring. As for Whoopi Goldberg? She's "excited." He noted: 

The script is being written, and I am the producer on it — not directing. We brought on an incredible director [Tim Federle] and Whoopi’s really excited. I think that this is just what the country needs. We need that feel-good moment in the movies where you go, ‘Oh my God, I left there singing.’ That’s my hope.

As for the cast as a whole, Kathy Najimy (Sister Mary Patrick) has spoken out about having a "great time" on "1 and 2" to ET Canada and seems game for more, plus even Keke Palmer wants in! It is still unknown who else will be returning. After all, Maggie Smith (Mother Superior) has a few projects up her sleeve, including being confirmed for Downton Abbey: A New Era in the trailer. It will be an interesting journey to find out who will make an appearance from the previous films and what fresh new faces will share their voices.

In regards to Sister Act getting remade, Whoopi Goldberg was hesitant about returning for her memorable role as lounge singer-turned-nun Delores Van Cartier. According to Bravo TV, she originally had doubts about doing a third Sister Act film if all of the original actors did not return. However, she eventually spoke on The Late Late Show with James Corden about her desire to work on a third film and to bring back as much of the original cast as possible. 

It’s fun and it feels good. And you know, nobody’s mad. It’s just, listen — bad singing, great singing, OK singing and then nuns. What’s better than that?

It is still unknown what the third Sister Act film will be about. Originally in 2018, The View host said she would not be involved much in the new film and that fans would just be getting a reboot with a possible cameo from this Academy award-winning actress to boot. Thankfully, it was decided in December 2020 that Whoopi Goldberg would be returning as the film’s lead (as it rightfully should be). After all, she brought comedic timing, spunk, and a powerhouse voice to the previous films that this continuation cannot do without. 

Keep up with CinemaBlend and we will update you on the latest Sister Act film buzz once we hear of anything new. There is no time like the present to activate your Disney+ subscription and get yourself back in the habit of watching every Sister Act movie you will find on there! 

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