American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Responds After Sly Stallone And Co. Shout Out The Show On Tulsa King

Though everything seems to be trucking along smoothly for American Pickers on History, it’s safe to say the past couple of years have been hectic for longtime host Mike Wolfe. But while things may still be on awkward, merch-hocking terms with former co-host Frank Fritz, Wolfe is keeping things rolling along on the reality series, which hit its 23rd season this year, with steady ratings to boot. Now, he can really put his feet up and know he’s hit the big time, as American Pickers was name-checked on Sylvester Stallone’s streaming crime drama Tulsa King

I kid, of course, since Pickers’ success is more than enough reason for Wolfe to hold his head high. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t get a kick out of hearing the show’s name during a recent episode of the Taylor Sheridan-created series. Here’s how the former NCIS guest star reacted on Instagram:

Understandably, Mike Wolfe was pumped to have his show namechecked in such a prestigious new series, with Tulsa King serving as Stallone’s first gig as a TV lead. It’s also the latest scripted effort from Taylor Sheridan that currently sits outside of the ever-growing Yellowstone franchise (though the star told CinemaBlend there’s a hypothetical possibility those worlds could collide), and thus has already become go-to programming for those with Paramount+ subscriptions.

For those who couldn’t watch the clip, it features Sly Stallone’s Dwight Manfredi talking to Max Casella’s Armand Truisi about a stolen piece of equine decoration in the back of his vehicle. After Dwight questioned being roused out of bed for such a bizarre sight, Armand followed with:

Dwight, it’s an antique. It’s like 19th century. Pure copper. You ever see American Pickers? People go crazy for this shit.

I can only assume how Mike Wolfe’s caption sounded to anyone who didn’t watch the clip for context. I guess he is the kind of guy who regularly gets inundated with messages and emails with pics of all kinds. Close-ups of a rusty horse head probably aren’t that weird. 

Considering Mike Wolfe had some facetime on CBS’ NCIS in the past, it wouldn’t be a huge leap to think he could possibly show up on Tulsa King at some point in the future. Both dramas are under the same corporate umbrella, after all. What if he cameos on both that show AND Yellowstone, and is himself the connective tissue that brings all of Taylor Sheridan’s fictional universes together? 

American Pickers is currently on hiatus as fans await new episodes airing on History, but you won’t have to look very hard to find repeats on the linear channel, as well as on its website. Meanwhile, Tulsa King drops new episodes on Paramount+ every Sunday morning. Head to our 2022 TV schedule and our 2023 premiere guide to plan out your small-screen obsessions for the coming months.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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