After Frank Fritz Shades American Pickers Exit With Merch, Mike Wolfe Ignores His Former Co-Host With His Own Wares

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe are both reality personalities who also have other business outside of their TV Lives. The former runs Frank Fritz Finds in Savanna, IL while the latter runs Antique Archaeology in Nashville, TN. While the two no longer have the History series in common, both are still selling wares related to the long-running series, made all the more interesting given all the background brouhaha we know about the two TV personalities. 

A few weeks ago we learned that Frank Fritz is now selling merch nodding back to his exit from American Pickers. This would normally not be a super significant thing to note, as I’m sure TV personalities have side businesses selling shirts and things all the time. However, in this case, the reality star is selling shirt nodding back to the drama that led to his ultimate exit from the History channel series, and now it looks like Wolfe is selling his own wares. 

We previously caught wind of some black t-shirts the fired reality star was selling capturing a the sentiment many fans have expressed about Fritz’s firing. The shirts read “I want Frank back,” a nod to a phrase fans vocalized online in the weeks and months after his exit. The former TV name is also selling pictures with himself and his former partner during their time on the show.

Now, it seems Wolfe also sells his own merch, but he’s not trying to capitalize on the two breaking the band up. Instead, The Sun reports the mainstay on the series is selling American Pickers gear but none of it harkens back to his time with Fritz. Instead, he’s selling shirts and mugs and the like, with one of the mugs reading “keep on picking.” 

To note, Mike Wolfe seems to be keeping the wares evergreen and doesn’t seem to be selling anything related to his brother Robbie, either. This is actually kind of in keeping with what has been going on over the past months. While Frank Fritz has openly shaded his former co-star in comments calling him “bullshit,” the current lead  has generally tried to take the high ground. 

For example, he only really confirmed Franks’ exit after the chatter grew online and then he was the one to speak to the Pickers fanbase and inform them of the Pickers star’s stroke, asking them to avoid online complaints while he heals.

Meanwhile, American Pickers itself has moved on with Robbie Wolfe in the other seat. While ratings have been up and down -- there have been some bright spots for the History series -- it may be time to move on from the exit drama. Though I'm personally curious to know which one of them is selling more shirts...

Jessica Rawden
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