Ashton Kutcher Admits Working With Mila Kunis On That '70s Show Was Way More Awkward Than Appearing In That ‘90s Show

If any of the cast of That ‘70s Show have the series to thank for their future, it would be Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, as the former co-stars found their way back to each other years after the show ended, eventually getting married and sharing two kids. Now, the two are back reprising their beloved roles of Kelso and Jackie in the Netflix spinoff That ‘90s Show. However, according to Kutcher, things were much more awkward than you think for the two of them when they were filming the original series, despite them being married now.

In a new feature with Esquire, Ashton Kutcher discussed his long career, including the hit Fox sitcom That ‘70s Show and its new sequel series. Kutcher and Kunis make an appearance in the first episode of the Netflix series after Red finds out that his granddaughter just so happens to be friends with Kelso’s son. Throw in a “Burn!” and a “Damn, Jackie!” and it was almost like nothing had changed. Being married to Kunis now as opposed to just being friends way back when, Kutcher reflected on the experiences and the different perspective he had when filming the two shows because of his relationship with his wife:

Any day I get to go to work with my wife is the best day of the year. I think the crazy thing about that experience is we are in a completely different place in our relationship now than where we were then.

Just like the rest of the series, Kutcher and Kunis’ return was as nostalgic as ever, even if it was for just a single scene. Not to mention, the scene also involved Jackie talking about them getting remarried (after Jackie and Kelso got back together for what seems like the thousandth time), and since the two actors are actually married, it really makes you think about how much has changed since That '70s Show, and how much fun they likely had while filming it.

However, the same can’t exactly be said for the filming of That ‘70s Show since Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were much younger and not together. Kunis was actually a tad younger than the rest of her co-stars, which initially made things awkward for the pair, especially when it came to filming the romantic scenes, because as the actor explained they didn't have a romantic connection. Now being able to revisit their characters with where they are now in life, Kutcher is feeling all the more grateful:

I mean, when we were there [on That ‘70s Show], she was 15 years old, I was 20 years old; there was zero romantic connection between the two of us. So, to go back and have it be this new shared experience was really wild and nostalgic. There’s so many memories that come alive, like when you see the basement again or these characters that were so much a part of our life for such a long time. It was just so nostalgic for us. I’m excited for these kids that are hopefully going to experience the same ride we got to go on when we were their age.

Even though Mila Kunis did call BS on Kelso and Jackie’s fate since she didn’t exactly want them to end up together, it is nice that they did because she and Ashton Kutcher are actually married in real life and can revisit their characters in a different way. Hopefully, another season of That ‘90s Show will happen so we can get more of Jackie and Kelso, especially considering Kunis and Kutcher’s relationship IRL.

Although reviews for That ‘90s Show have been mixed, the nostalgia is still there, and it sounds like it wasn’t just for the fans. Fingers crossed that Kutcher and Kunis work together again soon because they really are the perfect scene partners, and it’s not just because they’re married. 

Be sure to stream the first season of That ‘90s Show now with a Netflix subscription. Check out the Netflix 2023 TV schedule too, to see what else is coming to the streamer this year.

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