Fans, And Heck, Even The Cast, Are Getting Nostalgic After That '90s Show Trailer Drops

Eric and Donna on hood of car in That '90s Show
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The trailer for the highly-anticipated That ‘70s Show sequel series, That ‘90s Show, dropped in time for the holidays, and the cast has already had emotional reactions to the Netflix trailer. Now they, and fans, are getting quite nostalgic for the return to Point Place, and I don’t blame them.

Following the release of the extended trailer, we got first looks at the gang returning to the fictional Wisconsin town, and it’s hard to believe that they are really coming back soon. Cast and fans alike couldn’t help but to get nostalgic for the past and look forward to the future.

The Cast Weighed In

Wilmer Valderrama may currently be a series regular as a very different character than Fez, but he is getting fans excited for what’s to come. The NCIS star, set to return as everyone’s favorite foreign exchange student, got reflective on Twitter when talking about his time on the original Fox sitcom and getting to come back again. He posted some photos from That ‘90s Show, and by the looks of them, it’s going to be very satisfying:

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Valderrama also posted the trailer to social media, throwing back to the '90s and hinting that viewers might have some reactions just like his upon seeing the original gang back to life on screen:

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Meanwhile, Red Forman himself, Kurtwood Smith, took to Twitter to show his followers how much time has changed the OGs, while also making note that his on-screen wife Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) never ages:

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The actors also weren't the only ones feeling a lot behind the scenes at the original cast reuniting to set up a new cast of kids. That '90s Show creator Terry Turner told Netflix Queue:

There was a point where some of the original cast, some of the new kids, and some of the original crew were sitting around the kitchen and I literally burst into tears.

Will fans also be bursting into tears? They've been waiting long enough to find out what has happened in the years since the '70s for the cast of characters, and the sitcom show will also showcase the next generation. It sounds like an emotional (and funny) ride!

Fans Are Ready

Unsurprisingly, fans of That ‘70s Show were also quick to share their excitement for the upcoming series. One user noticed that Eric and Donna were once again talking on the hood of Eric’s car in the trailer, which the couple did quite a lot on the original series. They posted:

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With That ‘90s Show being centered on Eric and Donna’s daughter, it was inevitable that fans would get to see them back together again once it became clear that the initial concerns over Topher Grace wouldn't cause problems in his return after all. In the small clip that fans saw in the trailer, Eric and Donna still seemed as in love as ever, and one fan pointed out a particularly cute moment that had them sobbing:

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That ‘70s Show ended in 2006 after 200 episodes, so it’s been a while since fans have seen the Point Place gang. With the trailer for That ‘90s Show coming out after a teaser with callbacks to the Fox sitcom was released, there are even more reasons to be excited. One fan had a short but simple message to exclaim how much they were looking forward to it:

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That ‘90s Show already looks promising, with plenty of stars returning as a new generation is introduced. Even though Mila Kunis doesn’t like how Jackie and Kelso ended up, there's a lot to look forward to... and feel nostalgic about. 

The first season of That ‘90s Show premieres on Thursday, January 19 on Netflix with a subscription as part of Netflix's 2023 TV schedule. If you have a Peacock subscription, you can catch up on all seasons of That ‘70s Show now!

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