Bridgerton Season 2: Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne Sounds Like She’ll Actually Have More Fun Without Regé-Jean Page’s Simon Around

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After an extremely long wait, we’re finally getting very close to the arrival of Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix. Even though many fans are likely still gnashing their teeth over the loss of Regé-Jean Page’s Simon Basset, a.k.a. The dreamy Duke of Hastings, it sounds like Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne will now be able to have even more fun without him around.

What Do We Know About Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne Bridgerton In Season 2?

Of course, you will probably remember that after a season-long enemies-to-friends-to-lovers story, Daphne is officially not only Simon’s wife and a duchess, but mother to their young child. But, even though Simon will be off…Simoning somewhere without his lady wife in Season 2, dear Daphne will be around in full force to support her family and older bro, Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), as he begins his own love story with Kate Sharma (Bridgerton cast newcomer, Simone Ashley, who got lots of support from Dynevor on set). 

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly about what Daphne will be up to in Bridgerton Season 2, Dynevor notes that the formerly very naive and unaware duchess will now be having much more of a good time. The Bridgerton clan will be leaving London for a bit and staying at the family’s country home, and Dynevor said of Daphne:

She's found what she's looking for — she's had a baby, she's a wife and mother. There's a real confidence and womanhood about her this season…Daphne's a lot looser. She comes back to the house quite free and ready to have fun and let her hair down a bit. The country house definitely brings that out in her and everyone.

Ooooh. I do rather like the idea of a “looser” Daphne who’s confident and free, don’t you? There was so much pressure for Daphne in Season 1, not just to find a husband, but to find one she actually enjoyed spending time with, and who would treat her well, that many of the goings on were very stressful for her. Add that to all of the necessary sexual awakenings and discoveries about love and marriage Daphne had to go through, and it makes sense that she’d be more able to enjoy herself this time around.

Speaking of everything that Daphne went through in Season 1, all of those life lessons will definitely come in handy as she attempts to help Anthony with Kate. Dynevor added:

Daphne has become the adult of the family…She's running the family because she's the one who's settled now. She is the rock of the siblings in this season, which is quite nice to play. Daphne's leading the way in terms of knowing what love is, what it means, and what marriage means, and she's trying to pass on that knowledge to Anthony. Daphne has a really good knack of not only empathizing with people around her, but also seeing their blind spots. She did it with Simon, and now she's doing it with Anthony.

Considering how Anthony conducted himself in Season 1, it’s quite obvious that Daphne will, indeed, have a lot of wisdom to impart that the ostensible head of the family will have to embrace as he becomes embroiled in lovey dovey stuff with Kate. I cannot wait to see Kate and Anthony together, and how everything turns out!

Phoebe Dynevor and the rest of the Bridgertons will be back when Season 2 hits Netflix on March 25. For more on what to watch right now, check out our 2022 TV schedule, see what other upcoming romantic TV shows are on the way, and look into the 2022 Netflix TV schedule

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