Bridgerton Season 3: 6 Questions The Show Needs To Answer

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Pretty much the entire world has enjoyed the (incredibly) slow burn romance between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma on Bridgerton Season 2 by now, and whether you liked the second season better than the first or were annoyed by the lack of sexytimes, all fans now have one thing in common: We want Bridgerton Season 3 in our eyeballs as soon as possible! With all of our hopes for Season 3, though, there are definitely some major questions that the new season will need to answer, especially now that we know Colin and Penelope’s romance will be the focus. So, unlace your corsets, remove your cravats, and relax, so we can dive into the six questions that Bridgerton Season 3 needs to answer!

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Did Penelope Write More In Her Last Lady Whistledown Pamphlet Than We Were Shown?

Poor Penelope, right? While she obviously felt a bit guilty for hiding her Lady Whistledown truth from her best buddy, Eloise, she was also thrilled at the amount of power (and money) her position afforded her, even if no one knew about it. The heat was on even more in the second season, with Queen Charlotte and El both attempting to unmask the gossiping mystery woman, so Pen took a couple of breaks and stopped writing for a bit.

But, by the final moments of the Bridgerton Season 2 ending, after a number of tremendous heartbreaks, Pen decided to pick up her quill again and write another Lady Whistledown pamphlet. However, we only see her write:

Gentle reader…you thought I was silenced, but you thought wrong. And if there is one thing you should know by now, it is that this author cannot keep quiet for long. Yours truly, Lady Whistledown.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds a lot like Penelope / Whistledown imparted some details to her readers in that pamphlet that we were not privy to. Did Pen really just come back with a tease to make sure that everyone would be on tenterhooks for her next leaflet? Or, did the finale leave out her full note so that we, the viewers, would be kept in suspense? I wouldn’t mind if the third season picks up with someone reading her full message aloud, because I have a feeling something big was left out!

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Will Eloise Tell Anyone About Penelope?

One of the big heartbreaks that led Pen to write as Lady Whistledown again was, clearly, her difficult and sickening friendship breakup with Eloise in the finale. Pen accidentally gave herself away while the buddies were talking at the Featherington ball. Eloise went looking for evidence to confirm her suspicion that her best friend could be Whistledown, and found it, leading the two to have a ginormous argument.

Eloise then declared that she never wants “to see or speak to” Penelope again because of her secret Whistledown work, but will she tell anyone about what Pen’s been up to, even if just out of spite? As we know, Queen Charlotte has become quite the schemer in her attempts to find the person behind the powerful gossip, so much so that she outright threatened Eloise when she thought it was her. El would forever have the queen’s ear if she told on Pen, despite the fact that it would completely ruin her former friend’s life. I also wouldn’t put it past her to tell Benedict, as Eloise and her big bro are quite close, but we’ll just have to wait and see if this secret will be too big for El to keep.

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Does Penelope Confront Colin About What He Said In The Season 2 Finale?

I absolutely love that Pen and Colin will be in the throes of their full-blown romantic plot for Bridgerton Season 3, especially because we need to know if he’ll be taken to task for the horrible things he said about Pen in the Season 2 finale.

As we’ve seen here and there across two seasons, Colin has a really bad habit of being very dismissive of Pen (sometimes right to her face) and taking her friendship for granted, while also not being able to see her as a potential romantic partner. In the finale, Pen overheard Colin spewing the worst of these comments after they danced at the ball, when he tells a group of men teasing him about courting Penelope:

Ah. Are you mad? I would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington. Not in your wildest fantasies…

And, this happened after her blowup with Eloise, so it came at the worst possible time! It sounds like both things happening on the same night may have given Pen a new resilience, though, so I need to see if she has the guts to confront him about his hurtful words.

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Can Eloise And Penelope Forgive Each Other?

Look, if you’ve ever broken up with a friend (particularly in an explosive way), you will know that those bonds are not easily repaired. Eloise and Pen both said pretty mean things to each other, and both will have to forgive each other for them to become buddies again. The big question is whether or not they can do that (not to mention how long it will take).

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What Does Edwina Do After The Featherington Ball?

This might be a controversial opinion, but my favorite character in Bridgerton Season 2 was not Kate (I know!), but her younger sister, Edwina. Watching her realize that her betrothed and her sister were actually hot for each other as she was at her own wedding was devastating. And, watching the young woman stand in her power and make a firm decision not to marry Anthony was the highlight of the season for me. 

So, I’m intensely interested in what happens next for Edwina. She will likely have some soul searching to do, and I’d love to see at least some of it, because she’s a delight. Anthony and Kate will be in Bridgerton Season 3, as they married by the end of the current season, and Edwina had been able to forgive them both in time for the Featherington ball, so maybe we can actually see her enjoy the full attention of someone who’d be sure to love her right. Yes, I'm talking about Queen Charlotte’s still-single nephew, Prince Friedrich!

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Will Benedict Be Closer To His Love Story By The End Of Season 3?

Oh, Benedict! What are we going to do with you, son? Now that we know the show isn’t going to follow the Bridgerton book series for Season 3, and will instead skip to book four of the novels for Colin and Pen’s love story, what will that mean for what we see from Benedict when Bridgerton Season 3 rolls around?

It was pretty clear to me that the show had no intention of following the frustrated artist as he falls in love in Season 3, seeing as all he did was take drugs, (briefly) go to art school, and bang a fellow student / model, Tessa, that one time. Regardless of whether Benedict is revealed to be an LGBTQ+ character or not, if we’re going to watch him have his big romance in Bridgerton Season 4, the show will have some major setting up to do to get the beloved character way closer to his love story. Will the series be ready for that? Again, we’ll have to wait and see. (But, I certainly hope so!)

Bridgerton Season 3 is likely still a while away from hitting Netflix, but you can relive what we’ve already seen of Colin and Penelope’s relationship by rewatching the series so far!

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