Some Bridgerton Season 2 Fans Are Frustrated About The Lack Of Sex Scenes, But Apparently There Could Have Been More

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As was largely expected, Bridgerton Season 2 hit the 2022 Netflix TV schedule recently as one of this year’s new shows and quickly set the internet (and, really, much of the world) on fire. We may be down one Duke, but Viscount Anthony Bridgerton certainly kept tongues wagging (and likely caused reactions in some other body parts) as he courted the delightful Edwina Sharma…while falling in love with her strong-willed sister, Kate. There is now a hot debate going on, between those who liked Bridgerton’s sexiest scenes in Season 1 better, and those who prefer the extremely slow burn of Bridgerton Season 2. Now, the show’s intimacy coordinator has admitted that there, apparently, could have been more sex scenes in the new episodes.

Bridgerton Season 2 Could Have Had More Sex Scenes

If you’ve already enjoyed all of the second season (and I do hope you’ve seen everything through the Bridgerton Season 2 ending), you will know that while it features a lot of intense longing between Anthony and Kate, there is little in the way of consummation. And, that led to the show shedding some of its “Bonkerton” criticisms, and many annoyed tweets like this:

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Well, if you, too, were taken aback by the lack of sexytimes in the new season, Bridgerton’s intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot, has opened up to Glamour and said that we could have seen more on-camera intimate moments. When asked if any of the scenes she worked on got cut from the final version of Season 2, Talbot said:

Yeah, there's always quite a few. It was the same in Season 1. There were loads of scenes that didn't make it. We always do more than we need to so there are many options in the edit. I think that that's a really important thing. I know people have been frustrated that there haven't been more [sex scenes], but part of it is that we want to give our absolute best. There are loads of scenes that don't make the final edit—that's just the world of film. What we are really confident in is that the sex scenes that are in, we're really proud of.

Ummm…Excuse me, Ms. Talbot? Did you say that “loads” of pleasure-focused Bridgerton sex scenes were left on the cutting room floor? I, much like the Twitter user above, am no “horn bucket,” but I still want to know: Just how much horizontal happiness are we talking about here?!?!

“Loads” could be nearly anything, right? That could be an additional five scenes. It could also be 13, or even 22. And, seeing as how Talbot didn’t name names and tell us who participated in those intimate outtakes, they could have been for any number of characters. I’m guessing that at least a few of said scenes would have involved Anthony and Kate, but maybe we would have had more from Benedict and art model / student, Tessa. 

What if Lady Featherington and the new Lord Featherington did more than we saw? Hell, maybe Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton got it on with some gentlemen of the ton. And, let me tell you, those two certainly deserve to have some fun!

Lizzy Talbot went on to say that the reason those additional scenes got cut is not due to lack of “quality,” but because of what those behind the show want the scenes to add to the overall story. So, if you’re still miffed by Bridgerton Season 2 holding back on the heavily lovey dovey stuff, it sounds like we can blame the narrative.

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