Chris Hemsworth Celebrated Extraction 2's First Day Of Shooting And It Looks Nothing Like The First Movie

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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Chris Hemsworth’s Netflix action movie franchise Extraction is finally filming its sequel. The first look video for Extraction 2 from a few months back has answered some big questions about what happened to Hemsworths’s Tyler Rake, and the film will definitely answer why and how he is still alive after the first film’s events. The sequel will look to improve upon a solid first movie and expand its story, and without a doubt, give fans some more jaw-dropping action. Now, it's finally getting off of the ground, and Chris Hemsworth celebrated Extraction 2’s first day of shooting. The set may not look super familiar, however. 

Hemsworth posted a video on his Instagram celebrating the beginning of filming just ahead of the weekend, giving fans a look at what’s changing in the sequel. Chris Hemsworth captures himself and director Sam Hargraves on a moving train in Prague with a ton of snow coming down as he explains that the fate of Tyler Rake will be answered. Here is the post from Instagram:

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Hemsworth addresses the big question about how his character is still alive, telling fans to stay tuned while showing off the major location change that will be taking place in the sequel. Going from Bangladesh to Prague is a significant change in scenery (snow!) and it will be interesting to find out how and why Hemsworth’s character is alive and what he is doing. Appreciate the blood splotches in this first look too. Rake has had a hard go of things, after all. 

Extraction 2 directors Sam Hargrave also showed off the new climate in a video celebrating the first official day of filming, putting the heavy snow in perspective, and he says it looks incredible on camera despite its unrelenting nature. The sequel planned to film in Australia initially, but due to Covid shutdown concerns, Netflix moved the production to Prague. It looks like a new opportunity for the story to go in a very different stylistic space from the first film. 

The Netflix flick may have just started filming, but the actor has been prepping for the role for months. Chris Hemsworth is no stranger to training for his roles, and Extraction 2 is no exception, as he showed off a badass training video in preparation a couple of months ago. We've also learned details about his specific training and diet for the film and how it differs from the type of program he would be on to play Thor. 

MCU fans are still anticipating Thor: Love and Thunder, which promises to be one of Marvel’s most significant films of its Phase Four (and did manage to film in Australia). Meanwhile, Extraction 2 will release sometime in 2022 alongside Thor: Love and Thunder, which will release in July 2022. I can't wait to see what else next year has in store for the actor. 

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