Chris Hemsworth Is Training And Eating For Extraction 2, And It Looks Way Different Than What He Did For Thor

Actor Chris Hemsworth is a very busy star, whose name is synonymous with his ongoing role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Hemsworth also keeps busy with other projects, including Netflix’s burgeoning Extraction franchise. He’s currently training and eating for the Extraction sequel, although it looks way different from how he transforms into the God of Thunder.

In all of his movie roles, Chris Hemsworth is known for bringing a hulking physicality. His gig as Tyler Rake in Extraction is certainly no exception, but it’s a different type of training when compared to Thor in the MCU. His trainer Luke Zocchi recently addressed the pivot in the actor’s food consumption, saying:

He isn’t eating as much protein as he was when he was filming Thor. He has gone from eating 6-8 times a day and aiming for 4,500 calories to eating 3-4 times a day and roughly eating 2,500.

That’s a pretty massive difference in calories. Because while Chris Hemsworth is trying to look as massive and godly as possible for Thor: Love and Thunder, he’s occupying a much more realistic world for Extraction 2. Regardless, I feel bad for whatever bad guys he’s going to be going against in the pair of highly anticipated sequels.

Luke Zocchi’s comments to Insider show how methodically Chris Hemsworth and his team approach fitness for each movie role. His diet for Extraction is far more realistic and sustainable than the calorie-heavy approach taken for the MCU. And fans are no doubt hoping to see some gratuitous shirtless scenes for both Thor and Tyler Rake. After all, how are we supposed to appreciate the work he put on his physique without being able to compare and contrast?

While Thor is going to be super bulky in Love and Thunder, it seems that Chris Hemsworth will be more toned by comparison in Extraction’s sequel. But although he won’t have to consume as many calories for the Netflix flick, the Ghostbusters actor will still have to work extremely hard when returning to the role of Tyler Rake. The first movie had an insane amount of action sequences, with Hemsworth rehearsing upcoming fights while filming others.

There are plenty of actors who bulk up when playing superheroes, so Chris Hemsworth is hardly the only MCU hero going through this process. Stars like Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt made huge changes to their bodies, while Brie Larson has been training hard for months before returning to her role as Captain Marvel. Although it’s definitely clear that Hemsworth is super passionate and specific about his ongoing fitness journey.

Anticipation is high for Extraction 2, as the first movie remains Netflix’s most popular title of all time. While Chris Hemsworth’s character seemingly perished in the epic last battle, the final moments of the movie seem to hint that he’s still looking over Rudhraksh Jaiswal ‘s Ovi. 

Extraction 2 is currently expected to arrive on Netflix April 13, 2023. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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