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Chris Pratt Wants To Win All The Awards For The Tomorrow War, Shares Funny Takes On Eddie Murphy, Dwayne Johnson And More

Chris Pratt in the trailer for Amazon's The Tomorrow War
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Chris Pratt’s one of the busiest actors in Hollywood and 2021 was no exception. While Pratt has an impressive list of upcoming movies hitting the schedule over the next couple of years, 2021 saw Amazon’s The Tomorrow War become a success on the subscription streaming service. This is to the point where the movie has already been greenlighted for a sequel and is now gaining some awards consideration ahead of the People’s Choice Awards. Pratt himself has seemed excited about the developments, sharing funny takes about his competitors, including The Rock, Eddie Murphy and more. 

Chris Pratt’s Message To The Fans About The Tomorrow War’s People’s Choice Nominations

Of course, Chris Pratt is very excited about his People’s Choice Awards nominations. While his movies haven’t tended to be Oscar fare, he is a movie man of the people and he’s been nominated for and has sometimes won People’s Choice Awards, Kids Choice Awards and more in the past. He took to Instagram this week to share a message for his fans about his nominations: 

Uh oh!! I’ve been nominated for four People’s Choice Awards. Movie Star of the Year 2021! Action Star of the year. Movie of the year. Action movie of the year!!! All for The Tomorrow War! How bout that!? It’s pretty awesome to be lumped in with this list of extraordinary guys and gals.

That’s a nice message, right? And he continued to be nice as he asked fans to vote for him and The Tomorrow War, but if not him and The Tomorrow War to choose Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu in the category of Male Movie Star of 2021. 

Chris Pratt's thoughts on Simu Liu People's Choice Awards Nomination

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Along with Simu Liu, Chris Pratt also gave a gentle nod to his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 co-star Vin Diesel, saying he could be a prime choice to vote for (after Pratt, of course) for his work in F9

Chris Pratt's thoughts on Vin Diesel People's Choice Awards Nomination

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And actually, Chris Pratt kept the joke rolling when it came to his Amazon competitor Eddie Murphy, who has been nominated for this year’s Coming 2 America

Chris Pratt on Eddie Murphy's Amazon nod for Coming 2 America

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Chris Pratt Played Nice About The People’s Choice Nominees, Until He Didn’t

But as much as a nice guy as Chris Pratt can be (despite his occasional worst Chris status) he also is willing to throw a little shade into the mix occasionally. Dwayne Johnson also got a lot of nominations this year… maybe too many, if you were to ask Pratt. 

Chris Pratt's thoughts on The Rock's People's Choice Awards nominations.

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And does Ryan Reynolds really need more nominations? Really?

Chris Pratt's thoughts on People's Choice Awards Nominations

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In his Instagram Stories post, Chris Pratt also threw out polite nods to John Cena and 007 actor Daniel Craig, who were nominated for F9 and No Time To Die in the Male Movie Star category, respectively, as well. We’ll have to wait and see who ultimately ends up taking home the award this year, but you can check out the full list of nominations in the meantime. Those awards will air on NBC on December 7 at 9 p.m. ET, and you can see what else is coming with our full TV premiere schedule

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