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Cobra Kai's Ralph Macchio And Daughter Julia React After Acting Together For The First Time Ever In Season 4

To be expected, Cobra Kai Season 4 delivered some big moments for fans of The Karate Kid franchise. Viewers have definitely appreciated the hard work done by the cast and crew to continue crafting stories that feature organic callbacks to the original series, though there’s one scene that deserves appreciation that may have flown under the radar so far. Daniel and Amanda’s impromptu psychiatric evaluation by his cousin Vanessa isn’t just great because it’s a funny moment, but it’s also the first on-screen scene that actor Ralph Macchio shared with his daughter, Julia. 

Ralph and Julia Macchio recently spoke to People about their big scene that plays out in Episode 8. The elder Macchio talked about how he felt on set bringing the moment to life, and the reactions she earned from other cast and crew members.

She knocked it out of the park. I was the proud father on set that day. As soon as she ran our first take, everybody was like, 'Holy crap, she's got this character.'

Julia Macchio’s command of Daniel’s cousin Vanessa is clear from her Cobra Kai scene. She immediately put the couple on their toes with her line of questioning about their parenting styles, and just when it seems Johnny and Amanda got the better of her, Vanessa had the last laugh with a notepad gag. Nothing to clear off the Emmy shelf for at this point, but a fun moment all the same.

Though Julia Macchio didn’t get a lot of time to shine in Cobra Kai Season 4 opposite her proud pops, Julia’s grateful for the opportunity all the same. The actress talked about the experience of growing up as the daughter of Daniel LaRusso, as it were, and how supportive the O.G. Karate Kid star has been regarding her and her career.

It's been so helpful to have a grounded dad who also knows that world. He's always been a great, wise resource to have because he's been involved in this business for so long. He never hesitated to give me advice but has also always supported me having a career [of] my own. So getting to work together on Cobra Kai could not have been a more fun experience.

Based on the circumstances in which Vanessa came into the episode, it’s unclear whether or not Cobra Kai will feature the character in Season 5 or other future episodes. I could see an opportunity for her to return to the story, given the big rivalry between Daniel’s son Anthony and Kenny. Anthony started as the aggressor in that feud, but now that Kenny turned the tables despite Anthony’s attempt to make peace, Vanessa LaRusso’s services may be needed in order to unravel this complex situation. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway, as I totally agree with Ralph Macchio’s assessment his daughter killed her scenes and would love to see them together again. 

Cobra Kai Season 4 is currently out to stream on Netflix, and it’s mandatory viewing for any fan of The Karate Kid. Tune in for all the amazing callbacks to the series, and stay for the new storylines and melodrama that can only be delivered by teens doing karate.

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