Cobra Kai’s Yuji Okumoto Talks His Nude Scene In Season 5, And One Idea He Thought Would Be Funny

Chozen in Cobra Kai naked
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From its strong start to its wild ending, Cobra Kai Season 5 delivered some major moments that’ll have fans debating certain things until Season 6 arrives, and they certainly should. Of course, because this season was so intense and action-packed, fans might overlook some of the genuinely funny moments that helped balance things out amidst the more emotionally heavy sequences. One of those lighter moments was Chozen’s nude scene, for example, which Yuji Okumoto recently opened up about.

Yuji Okumoto, who returned as Chozen Toguchi and arguably delivered Season 5’s strongest performance, spoke to EW about the hilarious scene. In it, Amanda LaRusso walked out to the family pool only to be greeted by a naked Chozen. Okumoto recalled how he reacted when he first read the scene in the script, which led to a pretty relatable request:

When I saw that [in the script], I said, 'Oh my God, seriously? I've gotta show my butt on camera? I said, 'I don't know if they want to see an old dude's butt. Maybe you should get somebody else to do this.

The Cobra Kai actor then went on to confirm that he did indeed have a “butt double” for the scene in question. So, for the record, anyone with a Netflix subscription who watched Season 5 and thought they saw Yuji Okumoto’s tuckus on their television screen, was fooled by a bit of Hollywood magic. 

The actor continued talking about the nude scene, which was made extra hilarious by Amanda’s shocked reaction to seeing his character in the buff. The Karate Kid Part II alum also revealed that he had a suggestion to make the scene even funnier, but was shot down: 

I actually wanted [Chozen to be holding] a small towel, and they gave me a bigger towel instead. It would have been funny if he was holding this small little face towel.

I agree that Chozen holding a smaller towel would’ve been funnier from a comedic perspective but maybe just a bit too racy for this kind of show. Cobra Kai features plenty of tense action, but it’s not really the kind of show that's known for show it's characters completely (or nearly) naked. Interestingly, the showrunners did avoid crossing the "point of no return" in other respects. For instance, they opted not to have Chozen die at the hands of Terry Silver.

Despite this, it certainly feels like the show could get a bit more mature in its tone, especially if the students do end up heading overseas to compete in the Sekai Taikai tournament. But still, I'd imagine that nudity won't be something that the producers will aim to expand upon as the show continues to dive into deeper territory. So with that, those who may actually be looking for nude scenes will just have to settle for Chozen's A+ moment in Season 5.

If you haven't already, stream all seasons Cobra Kai over on Netflix and ponder the questions some of us have after Season 5. Now is the perfect time for a rewatch while we wait for Season 6, or for that new Karate Kid movie that supposedly has nothing to do with the show.

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