Courteney Cox: What To Watch If You Like The Scream Star

Courteney Cox in Scream (2022)
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Courteney Cox has been around for decades in both movies and TV. Beginning her career in the eighties, including a big appearance in the Bruce Springsteen music video, “Dancing in the Dark,” she has continued to show just how talented she is.

The actress has been in some of the biggest movies and TV shows of all time, with one of her biggest being Scream, where she plays Gale Weathers and has reprised the role in the films that followed. However, Cox has done plenty of other great roles that I’m sure you’ve heard about her from besides her horror movie status. From Friends to Cougar Town, here is where you can watch some of Courteney Cox’s best movies and TV shows if you liked her in Scream. 

Courteney Cox in Family Ties.

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Family Ties (Paramount Plus)

In this popular family-friendly TV comedy from the '80s starring Michael J. Fox, Michael Gross, Tina Yothers and more, Family Ties is an American sitcom that follows two parents who grew up in the radical-'60s movement and now live in suburbia with their Reagan-era children, and have to learn how to deal with those different dynamics. 

Courteney Cox was a recurring cast member for Seasons 6 and 7, where she played Lauren Miller, the girlfriend of Alex P. Keaton. As one of her first big roles in Hollywood, it was a great chance to show her skills in comedy and a great precursor to her big role in Friends later on. She was a great addition to the cast for the time she was on it. 

Stream Family Ties on Paramount Plus.

Monica Gellar on Friends.

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Friends (HBO Max)

Arguably one of the biggest shows out there was -- and still is --  Friends. This popular NBC series told the story of a group of six friends who were in their twenties (and eventually thirties) and followed their life in NYC through their professional careers, romantic lives, and all the drama that unfolded throughout. 

Courteney Cox played Monica Gellar in the series, and wow did her career explode after starring in Friends, and for good reason. She was always so amazing in the role and had some awesome chemistry with the rest of the Friends cast. She even reunited with them in 2021 for the Friends reunion that happened on HBO Max, which was exciting to see. The show is still popular today, and Cox’s character is always going to be my favorite. 

Stream Friends on HBO Max.

Jim Carrey and Courteney Cox in Ace Venture: Pet Detective.

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Amazon Rental)

In this 1994 flick starring Jim Carrey, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective follows the titular character, Ace Ventura, who is given the job of trying to find the dolphin mascot for the Miami Dolphins after it was abducted. 

Cox played Melissa Robinson, the publicist for the Miami Dolphins in the movie and I have to say, I loved her in this role, because I thought her chemistry with star Jim Carrey was out of this world and she truly knocked it out of the park. 

Rent/Buy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on Amazon.

Courteney Cox in Mothers and Daughters.

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Mothers And Daughters (Paramount Plus)

Next up on the list, we have the independent film, Mothers and Daughters. In this film, a photographer is examining the different relationships between mothers and daughters, all while trying to heal herself as she does it in order to repair the relationship with her own mother. 

This film stars several big stars, and Courteney Cox is just one of many. She played Beth, one of the many mothers in the movie. I feel as if we usually see Cox in more comedic roles and while that’s great, I enjoyed viewing her in Mothers and Daughters because she got to flex her dramatic side as well. Not only that, but she had several big co-stars such as Susan Sarandon, Selma Blair, and many others all creating a moving picture. 

Stream Mothers and Daughters on Paramount Plus. 
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Courteney Cox in Bedtime Stories.

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Bedtime Stories (Disney+)

Moving on, we now have Bedtime Stories, an Adam Sandler comedy. This 2008 movie tells the story of a man who tells bedtime stories to his niece and nephew, but somehow, they end up coming true. As soon as he realizes this, his stories grow even crazier, and in turn, cause his life to become a bit more chaotic.

Courteney Cox actually plays Sandler’s sister in the film, Wendy, and I actually really like how they interact with each other. They have some great sibling chemistry and some of the best scenes in the movie, despite everything else being crazy. The film itself is a lot of fun for kids and families and features some interesting graphics. It’s certainly worth the time to watch. 

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Courteney Cox in Drunk History.

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Drunk History (Hulu)

Are you ready to learn something? Are you also ready to see people get inebriated while talking about it? Drunk History is the way to do it. This Comedy Central series is all about learning history while also having a drink, with guests getting wasted and telling history in hilarious ways that might not be so accurate, but it surely is funny as heck. 

Courteney Cox, like many celebrities, had a couple of episodes on Drunk History. In the series, she played Edith Wilson, a first lady during the episodes “First Ladies” and “Election Special,” and both times were just as hilarious as you would expect them to be. The show is seriously funny with plenty of laughable moments, so I’d suggest checking it out for sure. 

Stream “First Ladies” on Hulu. 
Stream “Election Special” on Hulu.

Some of the main stars of Cougar Town.

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Cougar Town (Hulu)

Next up on the list, we have another popular sitcom that Cox was in was Cougar Town. In this show, we follow Jules Cobb, a woman who has just gotten divorced and is trying to learn how to live on her own and navigate the dating world in her forties while also trying to deal with her teenage son as well as the rest of the craziness around her, in a fictional town in Florida called “Cougar Town.”

Cougar Town was one of Cox’s biggest successes after her time on Friends, and honestly for good reason. The show reminds me a lot of a recent 2022 release, Uncoupled, and it’s nice to see someone who's beyond their twenties or thirties trying to navigate the dating world in a TV comedy. Cox is great in the leading role and the sitcom lasted for six seasons so it was quite successful during its run. 

Stream Cougar Town on Hulu.

Courteney Cox in Masters of the Universe.

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Masters Of The Universe (HBO Max)

Moving on, we have the '80s He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe, a superhero action film starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man, the strongest man in the universe, who comes down to earth with his buddies and meets two teenagers, telling them of his mission to save the universe from Skeletor. 

I am sure to any film or TV buff out there, several of those names sound familiar. Courteney Cox played Julie Winston, one of the teenagers that got the chance to meet He-Man. Another role prior to Friends, it was fun to see her in such an entertaining part and in a superhero film, nonetheless. 

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Courteney Cox in Shining Vale

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Shining Vale (Starz)

If you like Courteney Cox in horror, you should definitely check out Shining Vale on Starz. This comedy horror TV series tells the story of a dysfunctional family, led by Pat, who is convinced that something is going on in their home that has witnessed terrible happenings in the past.

The reason I'm keeping the premise so vague is that Shining Vale is something that everyone should get the chance to experience without really knowing anything about it. It’s a great horror comedy with a great cast and with Courteney Cox as the lead, she really shows off her two skills of combining both comedy and horror. I really wished we had gotten to see her do more roles like this because it’s where she shines. It’s also fun to know that Courteney Cox actually produced it too. 

Stream Shining Vale on Starz. 

Courteney Cox as Gale Riley in Scream

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The Scream Movies (Paramount Plus)

It’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Scream is a popular horror franchise that was originally directed by Wes Craven and took place in the fictional town of Woodsboro where a masked killer known as “Ghostface,” goes around targeting a specific group of friends surrounding Sidney Prescott. Now, it’s up to them to survive. 

Scream is arguably one of the most successful horror franchises of all time, and has spawned four sequels after the original film, the latest of which released in early 2022. Courteney Cox appeared in the first film as Gale Weathers and has continuously reprised the role as the franchise has gone on, and while Neve Campbell won’t be returning for Scream 6, Cox will be. It’s such an iconic role for her. I doubt I really need to convince you to go and see the film, as we have all seen it so many times before. 

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Truly, Courteney Cox has been all over the map in terms of her talent and her skills, and maybe, you just might have found a new series to enjoy binge-watching or a movie to stream – or maybe you’ll be like me and just re-watch Friends again for the millionth time. It’s okay, there’s no judgment here.  

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