Uncoupled: What To Watch If You Like The Netflix Series

Neil Patrick Harris on Uncoupled
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If you’ve been on Netflix lately, you might have noticed that a new Darren Star series has popped up for fans to enjoy, and that is Uncoupled. The sitcom tells the story of a man in his 40s (played by the lovely Neil Patrick Harris) after he is suddenly broken up with by his longtime boyfriend, and now has to figure out how to date in the modern world after a nearly 20-year relationship. 

The show is a lot of fun and full of exciting stories and hilarious moments, and with a fantastic Uncoupled cast to boot, but with only one season (so far), you might get through those episodes very quickly. Here are some other shows similar to Uncoupled that you might enjoy watching just as much, if not even more. 

How I Met Your Mother cast

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How I Met Your Mother (Hulu)

This comedy series is exactly what the title says - a father recalling the story of how he met his kids' mother to his children, following him and his friends through their lives as they find their forever loves.

For fans of Uncoupled, there’s one reason you should watch this show, and that’s because Neil Patrick Harris is one of the main characters. But, oh boy, is he nothing like his character in Uncoupled. While he still has that same charm you would expect, Harris as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother is iconic in every way possible and while he’s a bit of a womanizer, he’s so damn funny and you end up liking him regardless. His comedic timing is on point, and the HIMYM running gags and amazing episodes that this show has to offer are just outstanding. He’s just legend…wait for it…dary. 

Stream How I Met Your Mother on Hulu.

Will and Grace in Will & Grace.

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Will & Grace (Hulu)

In this hilarious sitcom, Will & Grace captures the story of its titular characters - Will, a gay lawyer, and Grace, a straight interior designer, and their adventures while living in New York City together and navigating both their personal and professional lives. 

If you love the fact that a gay romance is at the core of Uncoupled, this show is perfect for you, as Will & Grace dives plenty into Will’s love life and craziness that he goes through on a daily basis just to get a date. But, what really makes Will & Grace so great is that it was one of the first sitcoms out there where a main character was gay, making shows like Uncoupled possible. It aired originally from 1998 and until 2006, but was so popular that they brought the show back in 2017, with Will & Grace ending again in 2020. Such a great series. 

Stream Will & Grace on Hulu.

The main characters of Divorce.

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Divorce (HBO Max) 

Next up, we have the HBO series, Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker. This series, which ran for three seasons, tells the story of a couple divorcing in middle-age, and learning how to find themselves without the other, after one of them has an affair. 

For fans of Uncoupled, the premise of Divorce is pretty much the same, about two older people separating after a long relationship and learning to live on their own. But as HBO tends to do, Divorce definitely takes a more realistic look at divorce and finding new love, and while it has plenty of comedic moments, it’s certainly a little more serious, as well. 

Stream Divorce on HBO Max.

The main cast of Sex and the City.

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Sex And The City (HBO Max)

This popular HBO series, created by Darren Star, mainly follows Carrie Bradshaw, a writer who publishes a sex column (called Sex and the Cityand writes about her own experiences, as well as that of her friends, as they try and look for the love of their lives in the city that never sleeps. 

Uncoupled was created by Darren Star, the same person who made Sex and the City, which is arguably his most successful show. While he’s created other popular series, such as Younger and the much criticized Emily in Paris on Netflix, Sex and the City has remained his most beloved show for the wonderful chemistry the Sex and the City cast has, its fun spinoff movies, and even a spinoff on HBO Max, called And Just Like That You won't find Uncoupled-style main stories for LGBTQ+ characters, but you get a lot of the same romantic beats and fun storylines that you would expect from a Darren Star show. 

Stream Sex and the City on HBO Max.

Charlie and Nick on Heartstopper.

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Heartstopper (Netflix)

Next up, we have the 2022 Netflix hit, Heartstopper. This fantastic coming of age series follows the story of Charlie, a gay high school student who wants to admit to his classmate, Nick, that he likes him, and has to somehow work up the courage within himself to let his feelings be known. 

This show is just so dang cute, for so many reasons. For fans of Uncoupled, a gay love story is at its core, and it is so heartwarming I feel my chest literally tighten every time I watch this show. The story is so sweet, the cast is adorable, and everything just molds together so perfectly that you can’t help but want to cheer for these kids. It might focus on older people, but there’s nothing quite like young love. This is truly one of the best and you need to check Heartstopper out.

Stream Heartstopper on Netflix.

Betty White in Hot in Cleveland.

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Hot In Cleveland (Paramount Plus)

In this hilarious series, Hot in Cleveland follows the story of three middle-aged women who, when they crash land in Cleveland while on a flight to Paris, find out how much hotter men think they are there, as opposed to the men in Los Angeles. So, they decide to take a leap of faith and stay in the city, in a home taken care of by a hilarious woman in her senior years. 

I could give you so many reasons to watch this show if you love Uncoupled. It stars older women trying to find their way in life. It has some hilarious jokes, but the biggest reason is that the iconic Betty White is a part of the main cast. Betty White! She is so funny, and it’s like this TV legend hasn’t aged a day with the way she fit back into a main cast member role here. The chemistry this cast has is amazing. I could re-watch this show over and over. 

Stream Hot In Cleveland on Paramount Plus.

Grace and Frankie in the show.

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Grace And Frankie (Netflix)

This has to be one of the funniest picks on this list. In this popular Netflix series starring legends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, we see two older women who end up becoming friends after the strangest thing happens - both of their husbands come out as gay, and claim that they're in love with each other. 

This show ran for seven seasons, and I’ll tell you why - because Fonda and Tomlin are amazing together. They have this kind of chemistry that really can’t be matched, and the story is genuinely heartfelt as well, with older people learning to find themselves and move on and form new relationships, even later in life than they expected to have to do so, as with Uncoupled. It’s really heartfelt and a comedy that I could see myself watching over and over. 

Stream Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Jonathan Groff in Looking.

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Looking (HBO Max)

Next up, we have the HBO series, Looking. In this series, we follow three gay men who are just trying to live their lives in San Francisco as they work their way up in the world while also trying to find love at the same time, running into issues and shenanigans as they do. 

I will always be upset that this show only ran for two seasons, because it honestly was so good and the story was so well-written, which is why it’s perfect for fans of Uncoupled. The main star is Jonathan Groff, and he does a fantastic job of showing off his acting chops. The series also stars recognizable actors like Raul Castillo, Frankie J. Alvarez, and more. While Looking ended after two seasons, it did, at least, get a movie that wrapped everything up. 

Stream Looking on HBO Max.

The stars of Men of a Certain Age.

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Men Of A Certain Age (HBO Max)

This show is so underrated and I need more people to see it. Men of a Certain Age follows the story of three buddies from college who have remained friends, and we get to follow along with their ups and downs in romance, family life, work, and so much more. 

While the premise sounds like any old normal sitcom, for fans of Uncoupled, I really like the dynamic between the three men and it reminds me of the friendship between Harris’ character, Michael Lawson, and his friends, Stanley and Emerson, as they’re all just trying to get their lives together and still have fun. Plus, Men of a Certain Age has stars like Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast member Andre Braugher, TV legend Ray Romano, Quantum Leap/NCIS: New Orleans star Scott Bakula, and so many more. 

Stream Men of a Certain Age on HBO Max.

Some of the main stars of Cougar Town.

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Cougar Town (Hulu)

Last but not least, we take a look at Cougar Town, starring the wonderful Courteney Cox. In this popular ABC (and later TBS) series, we follow a middle-aged woman named Jules, a recent divorcee who is just trying to find her way in life and get herself back into the dating world while also trying to still be a good mother to her son and get along with her ex-husband. 

I feel like I don’t need to convince you to watch a sitcom with Courteney Cox in it because she’s basically a sitcom icon with her starring role in the Friends cast, but seriously, she’s also very good as a leading lady in this series. For fans of Uncoupled, you get a similar storyline of someone trying to navigate dating as an older person after a long relationship, but the jokes hit and the acting is great, and Cox is always a joy to watch. 

Stream Cougar Town on Hulu.

So many great choices, so little time, but I’m sure that whatever you end up watching will be fun, and you’ll get plenty of hours of binging in before the possible next season of Uncoupled comes out.  

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