Emily In Paris’ Lily Collins Finally Weighs In On Major Mystery About Her Character

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Season 3 of Emily In Paris is almost here, as it's one of the many shows that'll be streaming on Netflix for December 2022. Darren Star's romantic dramedy series has amassed a nice following over the past years, so one can understand the hype. However, there is one aspect of the series that fans have been seeking clarification on. Sure, there are more than a few elements in Emily In Paris that don't make sense, but perhaps the biggest is how Emily is able to afford all of those stylish clothes. Well, series star Lily Collins finally weighed in on the lingering mystery.

While at the premiere for the third season, Lily Collins spoke to Women's Wear Daily and shared her thoughts on how her character is able to afford a wide wardrobe with a variety of clothes. The explanation she provides is relatively simple and reasonable:

I love this idea of the suspension of disbelief that this girl just loves fashion so much. I like to think she and Mindy [played by Ashley Park] have a giant storage unit of clothes they share, or maybe Emily does a clothing rental situation.

A theoretical rental scenario would make for an interesting storyline, but it would definitely have to flow with the series. However, the character's wide range of clothing is part of what makes the show fun, so prepares some may actually prefer the show keep up that suspension of belief.

As fans continue to wonder about Emily’s wardrobe, they'll also want to prepare themselves for the new looks she'll have this year. Lily Collins says that after three seasons, Emily will adopt more French style sensibilities, as she finds more inspiration in her life, from her friends to her colleagues. Of course, she'll still be the same Emily we all know and love, though Collins mentioned that there's a greater sense of "sophistication" to her attire in the new episodes.

Lily Collins has been open before about Emily's "annoying" qualities, though she does find her quirks endearing for the most part. But with any show, there needs to be character growth. So it’s not surprising that she’s truly starting to evolve.It's exciting whenever one has the chance to see a character grow over time. One would think that Darren Star and his team want the titular protagonist to become more in tune with the culture of the country should the series continue. And they'll hopefully, proceed with a level of respect, as the show has received some criticism for how the show portrays the French

All of that aside though, it'll be exciting to see what lies ahead in Season 3. I personally can't wait to see just surprises are in store. Based on Lily Collins' quotes, chances are we won't get a firm answer regarding the source of Emily's seemingly endless wardrobe during this new season. We'll just have to see if the writers choose to address it at some point in the future.

Emily In Paris Season 3 premieres on December 21 and will be available to stream using a Netflix subscription! Also, check out CinemaBlend's 2023 TV schedule for info on what's arriving in the new year!

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