Netflix Cancels Everything Sucks, No Season 2 Happening

Promotional photo from the Netflix series Everything Sucks
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Well, here is some news that definitely sucks: Netflix has canceled its freshman comedy Everything Sucks! The announcement comes roughly two months after the series premiered; the half-hour comedy debuted in February and was greeted with mostly positive reviews. Everything Sucks! is not alone in its cancellation despair. It joins fellow comedies Disjointed, which starred Kathy Bates, as well as the Britt Robertson starrer Girlboss, as shows recently cancelled by Netflix. The former lasted two seasons on the streaming service, while the latter only got one.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the cancellation news. Everything Sucks! chronicles the lives of high school students in the school's clashing A/V club and Drama club, as they navigate life in Oregon circa 1996. The main characters, whose journeys are followed on the series, are students Kate Messner (Peyton Kennedy) and Luke O'Neil (Jahi Di'Allo Winston).

What makes the news of Everything Sucks! being canceled all the more frustrating is that Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. Now that the streamer has unceremoniously canceled the show, fans will not receive closure narratively. While the comedy joins a bevy of other shows that have been forced to end on a cliffhanger, fans are sure to be disappointed. Things get even worse when you consider the source of its cancellation is Netflix, which was formerly considered a haven for shows that had been prematurely canceled by other networks.

Netflix had been known to rescue struggling series that were either passed over by the network they were developed for, or by giving a canceled show the chance to keep going. Fans would frequently campaign to get their series a second shot at life, and sometimes they succeeded. The chances of a campaign working in 2018 are less certain than they were then.

Netflix is entering a new chapter of its story. For 2018, the network is planning to spend $8 billion total on its content. While they have money to spend on series that may have been overlooked by network TV or cable, they may be looking towards taking fewer chances. Since Netflix does not release its ratings, it is next-to-impossible to determine how well Everything Sucks! has done. Albeit, there have been exceptions.

Despite its cancellation, Everything Sucks! has developed a devoted fan following and garnered support in the LGBT community. Here is hoping that fans get some closure on the series and its characters' respective journeys. They invested ten episodes in their stories, and that merits something-- even if its simply answers coming from the creators. One has to feel for the creative forces behind the show, who will not get to see their vision for Season 2 realized-- at least not on Netflix. It is currently unclear if the show will seek a new home elsewhere.

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