The Sex Lives Of College Girls: Where You've Seen The Cast Before

The main cast of the Sex Lives of College Girls.
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HBO Max has truly been coming out with some of the best original shows lately to add to its already impressive collection of TV series and movies. These have ranged from thrillers mixed with sci-fi like Raised by Wolves, to acclaimed shows starring famous faces, such as The Flight Attendant. However, HBO Max is stepping into the college scene with their new release. Its latest addition to the lineup is The Sex Lives of College Girls, created by Mindy Kaling

This coming of age series tells the story of the lives of four 18-year-old freshman roommates, who are attending Essex College, and documents their sexual lifestyles as they deal with the struggles and hardships that college can bring. 

With such a talented but young cast, fans of the show might be wondering where exactly they’ve seen The Sex Lives of College Girls cast. Thankfully, you don’t have to look that much further, as we have all the information you could be looking for right here. 

Pauline Chalamet in the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Pauline Chalamet (Kimberly)

First up on our list, we have Kimberly, one of the leads of The Sex Life of College Girls, played by Pauline Chalamet. Fun fact - that last name probably looks familiar, and it should. Chalamet is actually the sister of Timothée Chalamet. Talk about a talented family, huh?

Pauline Chalamet has done some work in the industry before. In regards to television, she’s guest-starred on a couple of TV shows such as One Life to Live and Royal Pains when she was younger, but The Sex Life of College Girls is going to be her first major role in a television series. 

Her only other film credit thus far was playing Joanna in the Judd Apatow movie, The King of Staten Island, but I’m sure that after her starring role in this HBO original, we might get to see more of her very soon. 

Amrit Kaur in the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Amrit Kaur (Bela)

Next up, we have Bela, played by Amrit Kaur in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Kaur has been active in television for some time. She’s guest-starred on TV series like the mystery show American Gothic, Odd Squad, a children's show about using math when odd things happen, Kim’s Convenience, the coming of age series, The Bold Type, and others. 

Kaur has also had recurring and main roles in TV shows as well. This includes Anarkali, a comedy-drama from India about a young woman who is trying to reinvent herself after her fiancé leaves her, where Kaur played Roop. She was also in The D Cut, an Indian drama about a queer hair salon trying to stay open during gentrification, where she played Viva. She did have a minor role in the movie Little Italy, but hopefully soon after her role in the HBO Max series, we’ll see Amrit Kaur pop up more in new projects. 

Reneé Rapp in the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Reneé Rapp (Leighton)

In The Sex Lives of College Girls, Reneé Rapp plays Leighton, another one of the friends of the group. That name might look very new to you in terms of movies and television, and that’s because it should - The Sex Lives of College Girls will actually be Rapp’s first ever project in Hollywood. 

That’s not to say that she hasn’t done anything before. Prior to her TV role, Rapp was a part of two Broadway shows. 

She was a part of the Spring Awakening cast, and also was in the Broadway version of Mean Girls, where she played the ultimate mean girl, Regina George. Makes me wonder if we’re going to hear her amazing singing abilities in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Only time will tell. 

Alyah Chanelle Scott in the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Alyah Chanelle Scott (Whitney)

Whitney in The Sex Lives of College Girls is played by Alyah Chanelle Scott, a newcomer to the small screen. Her first major role is her part as Whitney in the HBO series. She has been in a couple of film shorts prior to her part, as well as a video series she did with her alma mater, the University of Michigan.  

But now, The Sex Lives of College Girls will be this young actress' start in the world of major Hollywood projects. 

Midori Francis in Dash & Lily, who will be starring in the Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Midori Francis (Alicia)

Moving on, we take a look at Alicia in The Sex Lives of College Girls, played by the wonderful Midori Francis. Before her role on the HBO Max original, Francis’ biggest role thus far was portraying one of the titular characters in the Netflix original series, Dash & Lily, a TV series that took place around Christmas time. 

Her other credits include both television and movies. Francis guest-starred on the Darren Star show, Younger, as well as the DC show, Gotham, and the HBO show starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce. She also had a recurring role on the web series, The Birch, back in 2019, a series that told the story of a teenager who seeks out the help of a monster who lives in the woods. 

In terms of movies, Francis has been in a good number of them. She appeared as April in the film Ocean’s 8, alongside stars like Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and more, played Emme in South Mountain, Lily in the coming of age comedy movie, Good Boys, and Lisa in one of the latest Netflix original movies, Afterlife of the Party, starring Victoria Justice. I’m hoping that after being given the shot to be in this new HBO series as a regular, hopefully we’ll get to see her pop up in more TV shows and projects really soon. 

Gavin Leatherwood in the trailer for The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Gavin Leatherwood (Nico)

Next up is Gavin Leatherwood, who plays Nico in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Leatherwood has had a great career so far in television. One of his most prominent parts was being a part of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina cast, playing Nick. Other than that, he’s appeared in a variety of shows. 

Leatherwood guest-starred on the long-running procedural, NCIS, the ABC series, Grown-ish, played Jason in three episodes of Wicked Enigma, played Bryce in two episodes of My Dead Ex, and was Spit in Bad Therapy. 

While he hasn’t appeared in any movie roles yet, maybe after his role in The Sex Lives of College Girls, he’ll be popping up on the big screen soon enough with how much talent this young actor has. 

Chris Meyer (right) in the Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Chris Meyer (Canaan)

Next up, we have Chris Meyer, who is playing Canaan in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Chris Meyer is someone who has been very active in television for a long time, and has appeared as both a guest actor, as well as a recurring/main character in several shows. 

Some of his guest roles include the horror series, Grimm, the CW show, iZombie, the comedy, Marlon, and many others. But, his recurring/main character roles stem back to 2012. He played TJ Ashford in General Hospital, Mario in Wayward Pines, Danny Malloy in NCIS: New Orleans, Logan Bayfield in The Fosters, Anton Gatewood in The Affair, and Derek Garland in Tell Me A Story. 

Damn, talk about a packed resume. The Sex Lives of College Girls only adds on to that list of awesome shows that Meyer has been a part of, and I can’t wait to see what he does next after his part in this HBO Max series. 

Ilia Isorelys Paulino in the trailer for the Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Ilia Isorelys Paulino (Lila)

Next up, we have Ilia Isorelys Paulino, who plays Lila in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Like some of her castmates here, Paulino hasn’t been on screen much just yet, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done anything. 

While she’s been in a couple of film shorts, her latest work was playing Rosa in the comedy Queenpins, a movie that starred big names like Kristen Bell, Bebe Rexha, Vince Vaughn and several others. Hopefully, since she’s appeared in this series, we'll get the chance to see more of her soon. 

Lauren Spencer in The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Lauren “Lolo” Spencer (Jocelyn)

Moving on with our list, our next young actress making an appearance is Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, who plays Jocelyn in The Sex Lives of College Girls. 

While she had several credits for herself, her first major role was playing Tracy in Give Me Liberty, a comedy drama about a medical transport driver who risks his job to shuttle around a group of rowdy seniors. While she hasn’t been in much yet in her career, I’m sure it won’t be long before we get to see her again in something new besides the HBO series.   

Renika Williams (left) in The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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Renika Williams (Willow)

Last up, we have Renika Williams, the young woman who plays Willow in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Prior to her role on the show, Williams has appeared in a couple of television shows and a movie. In terms of TV shows, she appeared in a guest role on the show Placeholders, and also had a part in the Amazon original series, Modern Love. 

Her only film credit so far is Healing River, a drama about a woman whose son is killed by a drug-addicted teen. Hopefully, her role in this new HBO Max series will lead to a lot more opportunities for the young talent. 

While some of the cast might not have been in a lot of projects, I have a feeling it won’t be long before we see them pop up more and more in new shows and movies after The Sex Lives of College Girls. Make sure you keep that HBO Max subscription, as you don’t want to miss any episodes of this show. 

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