Fans Are Already Obsessed With Aubrey's Plaza's Latest Movie On Netflix

Aubrey Plaza in Emily the Criminal
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Coming off of the success of season 2 of The White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza’s stardom is on the rise. She is set to appear in the latest Guy Ritchie film Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, and the new Disney+ series Agatha: Coven of Chaos. It’s safe to say that the Parks and Rec alum is having a bit of a moment right now. Plaza’s latest film, a small independent movie titled Emily the Criminal, just recently hit Netflix, and is already trending on the platform. It seems like this is drawing a new audience to the film, and giving fans another reason to fall in love with the actress.

Emily the Criminal follows a young woman in Los Angeles who struggles to pay off her student loans. In turn, she finds herself involved in a fraudulent credit card ring while trying to make some extra money. The film received critical acclaim for its social commentary and Plaza’s stellar performance. The movie is also striking a cord with fans, who all seem to love this film, including recognition from some big Hollywood names. 

Stephen King recently tweeted his appreciation for the film, and praised the actors involved with the project.

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Filmmaker and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Danny DeVito also had nothing but great things to say about Emily the Criminal and Aubrey Plaza.

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Fans of Plaza’s are also super hyped about the film, gushing about how wonderful the film communicates feelings of desperation and struggle, while also being a great action flick. One Twitter user seemingly forgave Emily for her wrongdoings because of her relatable motivations. 

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Another audience member seemed to feel the same way about the film, humanizing the main character due to her arc within the film.

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One film critic was blown away by Plaza, noting that the film made him realize just how great of an actress she truly is.

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Clearly Emily the Criminal is really resonating with audiences looking for a relatable, honest film to watch on Netflix. Aubrey Plaza is always choosing unique, and grounded projects to attach herself to, and it seems like this film is no different. It’ll be exciting to see what else the actress has in store for audiences. She has a lot of projects lined up, including Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis, so there's a lot for her fans to be excited about. 

Netflix subscribers can check out Emily the Criminal now, as it is currently streaming on the platform. The movie has been nominated Independent Spirit Awards and is one of many 2022 movies to look out for during the 2023 awards season. For more information on other projects hitting the streaming service, make sure to check out our Netflix movie release schedule.

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