Henry Cavill And His Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso Have Kept A Low-Key Relationship. Now, She’s Detailed Working With Him On His New Warhammer Project

Aside from the occasional red-carpet appearance or birthday dinner post, Henry Cavill and his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso, have rarely spoken about their romance. After going Instagram official in 2021, Cavill pleaded with fans to respect the couple’s privacy. The Hollywood star’s girlfriend especially keeps things low profile, as the highly regarded executive is no stranger to the spotlight. After over a year of bliss, the duo has teamed up for a professional endeavor -- a Warhammer production. And Viscuso spilled details about working with her famous beau on the upcoming project.

After exiting The Witcher and losing his Superman role, Cavill grabbed headlines with his upcoming Warhammer 40,000 streaming series, which is set up at Amazon Studios. Viscuso was instrumental in getting the deal done, as she's an executive at Vertigo Entertainment -- which will produce the show. Upon the news breaking, the TV vice president took to Instagram to celebrate. The exec expressed a considerable amount of excitement while also explaining the role that her boyfriend played in her becoming aware of the beloved property:

Fantasy, horror and sci-fi are the bedrock of my creative language, so when Henry introduced me to Warhammer a couple of years ago, I immediately felt at home… Building a cinematic universe with Henry, our team at Amazon, and the empire that is Games Workshop, is an honor and a pleasure.

It would seem that the couple is going to enjoy their time crafting and expanding the role-playing tabletop game into an expansive franchise. Not only will viewers get a streaming series, but there's a blockbuster film franchise in the works as well. Henry Cavill rumored is also to play a significant role in the game-to-screen adaptations. The Man of Steel star and his Hollywood executive girlfriend may be laying the foundation for a film and TV franchise that could be popular for decades to come. They already have so much material to draw from as well, including numerous books and video games.

Based on her comments, it sounds like Cavill really managed to convince his lady love that the popular tabletop game. Natalie Viscuso referred to the game-turned-multimedia franchise’s stories as “rich and complex.” She explained that the characters are “both tragic and heroic," which should make for compelling storytelling. Additionally, the Hollywood bigwig pointed out that the tabletop game’s world-building amounts to “an incredible playground for one’s imagination.” As a newcomer to the Warhammer world, she's thankful to the community for its support and signified that with a very fitting sign-off:

Thank you for the warm welcome. We hope to do you proud… And, importantly…Glory to Slaanesh.

I just love the fact that Henry Cavill and his girlfriend bonded over the game. It's not too surprising, as Cavill isn't afraid to let his inner nerd out. From calling out Graham Norton for confusing the gaming franchise with The Lords of the Rings to building computers in his spare time, the Hollywood A-lister has proven that being nerdy is an advantage, not a hindrance. And given that passion, I'm intrigued to see what he and Natalie Viscuso manage to cook up.

After appearing in Enola Holmes 2 and Black Adam, Henry Cavill has several projects lined up over the next few years outside of Warhammer 40,000, including the spy film Argylle, which arrives in 2023. And when it comes to the small screen, Cavill will return for Season 3 of The Witcher, which will air as part of the 2023 TV schedule. And be sure that you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription so that you can eventually check out the TV show in Cavill's new franchise.

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