How Netflix’s You Should End For Joe, According To Tati Gabrielle

Penn Badgley eerily stares out of his study window in You: Season 4 Part 1.
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Many are still pondering questions set for by Season 4 Part 2 of You nearly two weeks after the episodes dropped on Netflix. I'm personally still thinking about that mind-blowing twist with the killer. Of course, after all of that, one can't help but wonder what lies ahead for Joe Goldberg. While there hasn’t been official word on fifth season yet, that isn’t stopping cast member Tati Gabrielle from weighing in on how Joe’s story should come to an end. (And some might agree with her proposal.)

If anyone would have a take on how the Lifetime-turned-Netflix series should end for Joe, it would definitely be Tati Gabrielle, who's portrayed one of his victims. Gabrielle joined the cast of You during Season 3, playing the role of Marienne. At the end of that season, the character literally flew across the globe to get away from Joe, only to end up getting caught in the fourth season. While a gruesome death would be the obvious way to end things for the manipulative stalker, Gabrielle has a full-circle notion in mind, as she tells Us Weekly:

I would love for Henry to somehow be a part of Joe’s demise … I would love to see him actually be prosecuted and be locked away in a cage for the rest of his life. Because I also think that everybody’s like, ‘He needs to die.’ And death is too easy of a punishment. Like, if anything, that’s almost a gift. Especially for Joe. We see him try to kill himself already, so I feel like making him sit with those thoughts and having him go crazy with that — I think that is a more fitting punishment.

Tati Gabrielle in You Season 4

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For those that need a reminder, Henry is Joe and Love’s baby, who appeared in the third season. In the closing moments of the You Season 3 finale, Joe -- in an attempt to give his son to have a better life -- placed him in the care of his co-worker, Dante. It would definitely be intriguing to see the character make a comeback (possibly in a flash forward), especially as Joe’s life spirals. It'd also be incredibly poetic, and one can't help but put some serious thought into Tati Gabrielle's theoretical plot twist.

Of course, before we can get to all of that, there are still a number of uncertainties due to the way in which Season 4 ended. Now that Joe’s “story” is out in the open and he and Kate are a power couple in New York, they have the whole world watching them. That could make things a bit harder for Joe, especially if his twisted dark side is still in play. If fans know anything after watching this show over the years, it’s that it's so unpredictable and, with that, the series could come to an end in one of multiple ways.

When asked about a possible fifth season of You, showrunner Sera Gamble said she and the writers do have ideas, and she seems to be looking forward to ending Joe's arc sooner rather than later. One can only hope that the eventual finale will close out the character's story in a meaningful way that makes sense to the story.

All four seasons of You are streamable with a Netflix subscription. You can also check out the 2023 Netflix TV schedule to see what else is headed to the platform soon. In addition, there's plenty to watch if you like Tati Gabrielle.

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