Hulu Jumps On The Streaming Cancellation Train, Though It’s Giving Shows More Than One Season

Lamorne Morris in the Woke trailer.
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These days, Netflix has the reputation for being the streamer to cancel a notable number of shows, but another streamer is making headlines this weekend. While Hulu has a lot of hits that have run for a long time, the service does throw down the cancellation axe once in a blue moon, and unfortunately, a fan-favorite comedy has been hit. The good news? It's lasted longer than the average Netflix show.

Just two months after Woke dropped Season 2 on Hulu, it is the latest series to end up in the gutter, according to Deadline. The series, which premiered in September 2020, followed an African-American cartoonist named Keef, who is inching toward mainstream success until his life changes in a single incident and he develops a new outlook on the world. 

Starring a talented group of comedians, including New Girls vet Lamorne Morris and Workaholics' Blake Anderson, the series seemed to be in good hands with a balance of real-world issues and surrealist and --- frankly -- bonkers comedy. Luckily, Hulu doesn't look to be in short supply of wits, but Woke's end will definitely be felt by its fans.

The news of Woke's cancellation comes amidst other streamer Netflix's (seemingly) never-ending bloodbath of cancellations. The streamer is one to typically, and sadly, cancel shows after just one season, not giving fans and characters enough time to say goodbye due to its penchant for ordering a whole season and not just a pilot for new shows. Earlier this month, that streamer canceled the sci-fi horror series Archive 81 only two months after what seemed to be a promising debut. Even some high-profile shows such as Cowboy Bebop have ultimately become one and dones.

Hulu, meanwhile, tends to carry shows for a bit longer. Woke managed to get two seasons, which is a win compared to the average Netflix show. Not too many shows have gotten a premature end from Hulu. And shows like The Great and The Handmaid's Tale have landed several renewals over the years. (Handmaid's is even heading into Season 5 this year.) 

To note though, Hulu hit PEN15 was canceled, again after only two seasons. However, like some shows in the previous two years, this was reportedly due to the pandemic causing production problems. Netflix also suffered similar problems, which even led to it reversing some renewals. That doesn't seem to be true this time around. 

Even though Hulu has plenty of shows upcoming on the schedule, Woke's cancellation likely doesn't hurt any less for the fans who stuck with it. It's too soon to tell if this is one the fanbase will rally around, but the good news is you can still stream both seasons of Woke with a Hulu subscription

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