Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant Again? Rumors Are Swirling On Social Media After A Cryptic Comment To Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner talking about her vegan makeup line while Stormi is cute.

Kylie Jenner has been catching a lot of flak online as of late, but fans finally took a break from criticizing her private jet post and turned their attention to what could be huge news. People are wondering if The Kardashians star is pregnant after she left a cryptic comment on a post that her beau, Travis Scott, posted on social media. 

The rapper dropped said photo on Instagram, and it shows him leaning up against a wall in New York City. It prompted a weird and mysterious response from his lady, which can be seen below:

Travis Scott on Instagram

(Image credit: Travis Scott's Instagram)

Why exactly would Kylie Jenner post four emojis of a pregnant lady? Jenner and Travis Scott have their daughter Stormi, who recently created her first TikTok, and a son they initially named Wolf, before changing his moniker. That's two kids, which brings us back to the question of why Jenner would post the emoji four times? Is this a sign that she wants to have a few more little ones, or is this her somewhat subtle way of letting fans know that she's expecting right now? 

If she is pregnant again, were the consecutive emojis posted to put firm emphasis on it, or was that part of some secret code? Perhaps she’s hinting  that she’s pregnant with twins or that she hopes to have four children with the rapper. People manifest things on the gram all the time, though it’s just a much bigger deal when someone of her standing does it without context. 

Another possibility is that Kylie Jenner was just telling Travis Scott he looked good in the picture. I could see a scenario in which her comment to him was meant to be read like, “I want a baby with you, you look so good,” or something like that.

One has to imagine that the young billionaire is being intentionally cryptic. After all, she knows that she and Travis Scott have sizable followings on social media. It’s not like she posted this message not knowing it would cause a stir, and she may be getting a kick out of all the speculation now. Though this could be nothing more than an inside joke related to something only she and Scott know the full context behind. Should that be the case, then the two are surely chuckling at the rumors that are starting to rise. 

The Kardashian/Jenner family are masters of capturing the public eye, for better or worse. I have to wonder if this alleged pregnancy tease is a way for her to intentionally shift the public's attention away from the private jet incident, which she's responded to. (What's also interesting is that this comes on the heels of Khloé Kardashian confirming that she's expecting another child with Tristan Thompson.) If Kylie is pregnant, the world will know in due time but, there's a definitive answer, expect speculation to run rampant.

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