Love Is Blind's Deepti Responds To Rumors Her And Kyle's Relationship Was A PR Stunt And Why They Drifted Apart

Deepti in Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion
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A new Love Is Blind season may already be among new Netflix releases to add to your queue, but hold up. Before we move on with more singles looking to find love in the pods, there continues to be more developments about Deepti and Kyle, who were the only couple left in Season 2 who met within the experiment. Deepti recently responded to rumors her and Kyle were a PR stunt and spoke to why they are no longer an item. 

In case you need a recap, I’ll bring you to speed. Following the initial second season of Love Is Blind, both Deepti and Kyle’s relationships (with other people) did not work out. However, one highlight of the reunion special was when Kyle revealed that he regretted not proposing to Deepti in the pods, and Deepti later revealed that the Netflix series did not show that Kyle was actually her No. 2 match in the pods. 

Then there are the After The Altar episodes, which aired last month. During the special, it was revealed that Deepti and Kyle had become good friends following the reveal of romantic interest, but were initially afraid of dating each other. By the end of the episodes, they had decided to give love a try. However, shortly following After The Altar being released, Deepti and Kyle revealed their relationship statuses, namely that they are no longer together. With that news, not a single couple from the pods last season had a happy ending. Yikes! Now, let’s get into Deepti’s recent comments: 

How Deepti Responded To PR Stunt Rumors

Deepti and Kyle have been accused of having a fake relationship in Love Is Blind, which some believe to be a PR stunt to draw out the series' storylines, including the man Deepti rejected at the altar, Shake. When speaking to these rumors to Insider, she said this: 

I think it's really hard to read those because I had a friendship, and a really close friendship, with Kyle since last October. We didn't come up with a divisive plan to do anything. This is just our real life and our real feelings, and we are being vulnerable enough to share it with everyone. I know what the truth is, and Kyle knows what the truth is, and it really doesn't matter what other people think.

So that’s that on that. Deepti recently released a book called I Choose Myself following her experiences on Love Is Blind and throughout her life. While the end of After The Altar shortsighted us into some hope with Deepti and Kyle, the reality is that this season did not create lasting love for its contestants. 

Why Deepti And Kyle Drifted Apart Following After The Altar

Now onto where things stand with her and Kyle. Previously, Kyle shared that he thought he and Deepti were always going to be “super close” following Love Is Blind before it was revealed their relationship did not work out. Kyle has since revealed that he’s in a relationship. When Deepti spoke to where her and Kyle are, she shared they are “distant friends.” When expanding on why they have drifted apart, Deepti said this: 

I could see he was putting in a different kind of romantic effort, unlike with me. Kyle was taking women on thoughtful dates, buying flowers, and spending money. He never did these things with or for me.

Additionally, Deepti has shared that she felt like the pair were “codependent” and they needed to take a step back from one another to “figure out life on our own.” While they were together, Deepti said the couple had issues with communication and were “on different paths.” Such is life! We wish the best for the Love Is Blind stars. 

Now that we have closure for Kyle and Deepti, you can check out the Season 3 of Love Is Blind, now streaming with a Netflix subscription, with more episodes on the way each Wednesday

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