Love Is Blind's Deepti And Kyle Share Relationship Status Updates Following After The Altar

Kyle and Deepti in Love Is Blind Season 2
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Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Love Is Blind Season 2’s After The Altar episodes, which are now streaming for those with Netflix subscriptions. So get read on at your own risk!

This past week, Netflix’s original dating series, Love Is Blind, provided fans with an update on its Season 2 contestants via the After The Altar special. Sadly, the episodes likely left fans with little hope regarding the most recent experiment. As we learned at the end of the special, this season’s married couples (Jarrette/Iyanna and Nick/Danielle) have split. The only pair seemingly left was Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams, who reportedly decided to begin dating back in March before the cameras stopped rolling. While it’s long remained a mystery regarding as to whether they became an item, they have just revealed their relationship status. 

Deepti took to Instagram this morning to share a montage of herself and Kyle, following their decision to give a relationship a try at the end of After The Altar. However, as she also shared, they are no longer together. In her words: 

Kyle and I are now walking different paths and are no longer together. We couldn’t share these memories over the past year so sharing them now. Thank you all for your continued love and support 🤍 'People come into your life for a chapter, a season or a lifetime'

Deepti shared the update on social media following speculation as to whether their Love is Blind relationship lasted once After The Altar ended. The montage she shared includes photos of the pair enjoying their time together when they were a couple. The Love Is Blind cast member had a lot of great memories to share in order to catch fans up on her and Kyle, but it looks like her former beau was just meant for a “chapter” of her life. 

Deepti also just released a book called I Choose Myself on Monday in which she details her personal journey. Kyle, on the other hand, also shared his relationship status with this post: 

The update comes following Kyle's declaration that they were "always" going to be "super close" though, at the time, he didn't reveal if they stayed together. As Kyle says on Instagram now, he and Deepti broke up earlier this summer, meaning their relationship only lasted a few months before they moved forward with their lives. Since the Love Is Blind couple split, Kyle revealed that he's found a new relationship with a mystery person he prefers to remain private for now. Fellow series alum Shayne commented on the post, saying he’s planning to “paparazzi the shit out of them” for us, so maybe stay tuned for that reveal? 

After Deepti and Kyle’s respective relationships ended at the altar without marriages for either of them, it was revealed during the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion that both of them really connected in the pods. Deepti and Kyle both showed regret for not picking each other in the first place rather than Shake and Shaina. During After The Altar, love began to bloom between them both and they became good friends with some major chemistry. Perhaps, it wasn't the right time for the pair following their life-changing fame on the reality TV show

With Deepti and Kyle no longer together, it’s official, the Netflix show produced not a single lasting couple from its second season. Thankfully, at least two pairs from the first season remain happily married! Now that we have some closure for Love Is Blind: After The Altar, check out what other Netflix movies and TV are trending right now. 

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