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The Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion Is Coming, And The Drama Has Already Hit The Fan(s)

After nearly a two-year wait, Netflix brought its hot reality dating “experiment,” Love Is Blind, back for Season 2 as one of its spectacular shows in February. As expected, this season presented fans with a new crop of eager singles looking to find love by building a genuine connection with someone in the pods…without being able to see who they were talking to. Now that the finale has aired, and we know who married and who left whom at the altar, the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion is fast approaching. But, some of the drama from that special has already hit the fan because of social media.

What's The Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion Drama?

Considering how things went down on that Love Is Blind Season 2 finale, my guess is that the reunion special (which hits Netflix on March 4) will show further proof that several of the new cast members have drama brewing between them. But, from the comments on the Instagram post on the official Love Is Blind page that promoted the upcoming special, it seems that there might be some tension between two unexpected parties: Shake Chatterjee and Kyle Abrams

The post showed three photos of what we’ll see during the reunion and teased that the cast will be talking about their experiences. After Shake piped in to tell fans, “Imma warn you. I KEEPS IT REAL AT THIS REUNION,” though, there were a flood of responses to his comment which detailed all the ways in which fans believe he definitely did not keep it real when dealing with his feelings for his former fiancée, Deepti Vempati.

Some time after the firestorm over Shake’s comment, Kyle posted his own, saying “just me enjoying the train wreck.” Now, this could have been about the general drama that we’ll eventually see during the reunion, but seeing as how so many fans came for Shake’s throat after he commented, it seems like Kyle’s post could have also been about the obvious fan dislike for the veterinarian. I mean, let’s not forget that Shake went on a dating show about forming deep, emotional bonds (as opposed to only physical ones), but still used some of his time in the pods to quiz the ladies on their weight by asking if he’d be able to lift them onto his shoulders during a music festival.

And, the interaction didn’t stop there. Oh, no, my friends. Shake saw Kyle’s comment and directly replied to it with this admonition: “translation: you’re a little bihh.” Oooohhhhhh! Really, after watching all 10 Love Is Blind Season 2 episodes, who among us could have guessed that there would be real beef with Shake and Kyle? 

Until we see what went down in the reunion special, we won’t know if this conflict between Kyle and Shake started there or popped up first on social media, but luckily we don’t have long to wait to find out.

All of Love Is Blind Season 2 is on Netflix right now, and the reunion airs this Friday, March 4. For more to watch, check out all of the 2022 TV premiere dates we have right now, watch other dating shows on Netflix, and see what else is coming to the streamer with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule

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