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Love Is Blind Season 2: Our Reunion Predictions

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Well, folks, never let it be said that the bingeable Netflix reality show, Love Is Blind, returned after a nearly two-year wait only to disappoint the many fans who’d been waiting to watch a brand new round of daters hit the pods and find out whether or not love truly is blind! Love Is Blind Season 2 introduced us to yet another group of singles who followed their hearts and possibly found love… but many who also found tears, unexplainable arguments, confusion, and heartache.

If you’ve completed the drama-filled, 10-episode season, you’ll know that we’re in for another treat on Friday, March 4 when the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion special hits Netflix! Seeing as how there was already a lot of tension within couples (and, in some cases, from outside of them) on the show, not to mention that several people got left at the altar, we know to expect some heated conversations and probably some big reveals. So, what might happen?! Here for you now are my Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion predictions!

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Prediction: Shake Misses The Connection He Had With Deep, But Is Dating Again

I don’t know about you, but Shake really rubbed me the wrong way throughout most of Love Is Blind. Not only did he start in the pods (where he was supposed to be finding a real connection based on values/emotions, instead of what the women looked like) by making sure to suss out whether or not he was talking to someone thin, but he didn’t behave the best toward Deep, even after proposing to her.

Yet, when Deep decided to choose herself and not get married to Shake (YES! WAY TO GO, GIRL!!) because she realized she deserves someone who is fully into her, Shake seemed sorta disappointed, but unable to fully process that she left him. He was committed to telling the assembled guests that the day was still a celebration of love, and my prediction is that the reunion will reveal that he eagerly waded back into the dating waters (and is likely still paying a lot of attention to those dates being conventionally attractive), but does miss the real connection he formed with Deep.

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Prediction: Iyanna And Jarrette Are Having Trouble With Their Schedules

To be honest, I was hoping that Iyanna wouldn’t accept Jarrette’s proposal (after he’d proposed to Mallory and been rejected), but she did. Luckily, after a certain resort conversation between Mallory and Jarrette, she didn’t actually factor into their relationship going forward. 

Unfortunately, we did see that Iyanna and Jarrette have pretty different lifestyles. She’s a homebody who seems to always like staying in, while he prefers going out most nights of the week and staying out until the (potentially) troublemaking hours of the early morning. By the time they married, Jarrette was still saying that he understood he needed to change that, but he hadn’t shown Iyanna any real changes yet. I predict that they’re going to continue to have issues with their differing schedules and we’ll see them talk about it in the reunion.

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Prediction: Danielle And Nick Still Don’t Know How To Argue

Who knows what to say about these two Love Is Blind cast members? They were literally the first couple to get engaged, which happened in the very first episode, and seemed pretty well-matched. However, when Nick and Danielle got to the resort and had a chance to hang out for the first time, things didn’t 100% go as well as they (or anyone rooting for them at home) had hoped. They had a big ol’ argument, which seemed to come out of nowhere, and which I’m still not totally clear on with regards to what the issue was between them.

And, you guys? That. Kept. Happening. Nearly every time we saw Danielle and Nick together, they butted heads over some seemingly simple issue, only for the conversation to quickly turn into a fight and spin way out of control. When it came time for the wedding, both of them realized that there was a serious problem with how they conversed, but they married anyway. I’m going to predict that the reunion reveals that Nick and Danielle not knowing how to talk out issues still leads to nonsensical arguments, though I do hope, at least, that they’re getting help on that from a therapist or someone.

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Prediction: Sal Wants Mallory Back

As convinced as I was that Mallory would play a part in Jarrette and Iyanna’s romance outside of the pods, I also didn’t really expect for things to end the way they did with Mallory and Sal. He was clearly not happy about that long, close conversation she had with Jarrette at the resort, but they seemed to sorta work through it enough for him to still want to marry her. 

In the end, though, Sal opted to say no, leaving Mallory with the hope that they could take a break and maybe start dating after thinking about what they needed from each other. My prediction? Mallory and Sal have definitely been in contact after the show, and Sal does want her back. The reunion will reveal if she feels the same.

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Prediction: Shaina And Shayne Are In Contact, But He’s Also Talking To Natalie Again

This mess! I was so glad that Natalie turned Shayne down at the altar, especially after the horrible things he said to her the night before their wedding. But, because Natalie admitted to having been all in on the marriage up to that point, I can totally see her wanting to try to work things out with him. And, I think Shayne would want that, too, if only so he could have another option open. 

I’m sure none of you can forget that he did some shady stuff to keep Natalie interested in the pods after his closeness with Shaina was revealed. When she dumped him, he fully took up with Natalie. But, Shaina couldn’t stop thinking about him, and with the ill-advised engagement between her and Kyle ending well before the wedding stage, and Shaina talking a lot of trash about Shayne and Natalie’s relationship right to Shayne’s face, my prediction is that he made a beeline for Shaina after being left at the altar. But! While he’s talking to Shaina, he’s also talking with Natalie to (once again) see which lady takes his bait first.

Look, whether these predictions are totally wrong, completely correct, or somewhere in between, we are pretty much guaranteed to be treated to a bunch of drama when the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion hits Netflix on March 4, just like there was with the Season 1 cast reunion!

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