No Big Deal, Just Megan Fox Licking Machine Gun Kelly’s Fake Blood-Filled Syringe Earring

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly in the "Bloody Valentine" music video
(Image credit: Bad Boy / Interscope)

Megan Fox and her apparent fascination with blood predate her romance with Machine Gun Kelly. She was out for blood in her demonically-possessed role in Jennifer’s Body, was a blood-thirsty vampire in Netflix’s Night Teeth, and even appeared in Machine Gun Kelly’s music video which happened to be called Bloody Valentine. So it should be no big surprise that Megan Fox would be seen licking Machine Gun Kelly’s blood-filled syringe earring. 

Machine Gun Kelly and his “bloody valentine” Megan Fox have been going strong and are still mixing romance with blood. His latest Instagram post of Megan Fox licking his blood-filled syringe earring proves that the love and the blood the two share are still pushing the relationship forward.

While Megan Fox may be licking a fake blood-filled syringe, she's still apparently turned on by the real blood of her fiancée, Machine Gun Kelly. As she and her rapper/rock star musician partner announced their engagement, they didn’t make a toast to each other with champagne as other typical couples would do. They did a special ritual far from traditional as they sipped a few drops of each other’s blood to celebrate. She believed if it was up to her fiancée, he would “cut his chest open with broken glass” to give her his soul, but she believes in a more “controlled” approach of just sipping a few drops. 

For their wedding, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox want a gothic venue with a red river to go with this bloody theme of theirs. If this loving couple plans on exchanging blood during their wedding, the New Orleans Vampire Association would urge caution to the couple in checking for diseases before this blood exchange. I would have to agree with that advice as even vampires have to watch out for blood-borne illnesses.

In Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram post, he captioned “Pisces moon but the film is called TAURUS. Coming later this year.” This could be a reference to his soon-to-be wife as the Transformers star has said before that she does blood rituals on new and full moons. Guess this premiere for Taurus happening during the Pisces moon means there will be some blood drinking going on after! The upcoming movie Taurus is the couple’s third collaboration together. Fox plays the ex-wife of a self-destructive rapper/rock star played by MGK himself. 

Looks like this newly-engaged couple will continue to have a bloody good time together. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's new film Taurus was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival a few days ago, and it's expected to get a theatrical release later this year.

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