Mike Flanagan Kicks Off Production On His Latest Netflix Horror Series, And I’m Pumped

Kate Siegel in Midnight Mass
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Mike Flanagan has quickly become of the most exciting filmmakers working in the horror genre, and a big part of that has been his work creating Netflix shows. He gained a huge followship after the release of The Haunting Of Hill House, and his fanbase has only grown with The Haunting Of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. We're still awaiting news about The Midnight Club, which went through production last year and is expected to drop some time in 2022, but already Flanagan has started working on his next series, and today filming officially began on the upcoming The Fall Of The House Of Usher.

In was back in October 2021 that we first learned that Mike Flanagan was developing the adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe short story of the same name, and the filmmaker revealed via his Twitter account this morning that principal photography on the project is underway. The photo that came attached to the social media post doesn't precisely give us a great glimpse as to what is going on, but anticipation only grows seeing Flanagan's name written on a slate:

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Given the way in which both The Haunting Of Hill House and The Haunting Of Bly Manor significantly detoured from their respective source material, it's hard to say how faithful The Fall Of The House Of Usher will be to the short story on which it's based.

The Poe version follows an unnamed narrator who visits the strange home of Roderick and Madeline Usher – the only two living members of their familial line. Mike Flanagan has compared it to being a "brush fire" rather than a slow burn horror series.

We may not know much about the story, but we do know that the project is going to feature a truly stellar ensemble. The Fall Of The House Of Usher will see Mike Flanagan reunite with a number of great performers and work with a number of exceptionally talented new stars – the ensemble including Mark Hamill, Frank Langella, Carla Gugino, Mary McDonnell, Carl Lumbly, Rahul Kohli, Kate Siegel, and Henry Thomas among others.

It will have an eight episode run, with half of them directed by Flanagan, and the other half directed by cinematographer Michael Filmognari.

Netflix doesn't typically announce release dates for projects long in advance of their arrival, and as such we don't know when we'll actually get to see The Fall Of The House Of Usher. That being said, it's not inconceivable that it could be available on the streaming service before the end of the year; we'll just have to wait and see.

While we all wait for both it and The Midnight Club to finally arrive, fans can put their Netflix subscription to good use by not only rewatching The Haunting Of Hill House, The Haunting Of Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass, but also Mike Flanagan's Gerald's Game, Hush, and Before I Wake.

You can read more about The Fall Of The House Of Usher in our Quick Things guide.

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