People Always Ask Fuller House’s Candace Cameron Bure How She And Bob Saget Could Be Friends Given His Stand-Up. She Explains

One common question that Candace Cameron Bure has often gotten has had to do with how she and Bob Saget were such close friends. On paper, a lot of things about Candace Cameron Bure’s friendship with Bob Saget don't make a ton of sense. The Hallmark star is 20 years younger than the comedian, and she’s known for family-friendly content, selling QVC products and sharing the word of Jesus with her fans. Saget, on the other hand, was widely known for raunch comedy that Bure wouldn't have been comfortable with. She knew it, Saget knew it, but she shared in a recent interview why that never mattered. 

First and foremost, the above descriptors of the two TV stars don’t really highlight the full picture. The two were connected on television via Full House and Fuller House for years, since Bure was little. She's said her TV dad was family, and the person who helped her to understand that a man could wear his emotions on his sleeve. Candace Cameron Bure recently told Today’s Hoda Kotb that people are surprised she and Bob Saget maintained a close relationship over the years, but says she was always confident in her answer when asked about it, noting, 

You know, if people see Bob’s stand-up, it’s not family-friendly stand-up. So, that would always be a question, like, ‘How can you guys be friends?’ It’s like, well, I grew up with Bob, so I understand his sense of humor. I, too, have a sense of humor. But I can also separate that person that’s on the stage making jokes to get the laugh and the real heart behind a person and their love and their friendship and their kindness.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Candace Cameron Bure approved of Bob Saget’s idea of comedy insomuch as she knew who he was as a person on the inside. She even recalled the actor inviting her to a lot of his gigs, but telling her to absolutely not go. That’s just the kind of relationship they had:

He would invite me to things all the time in the stand-up world, but then say, ‘You’re invited but don’t come. Don’t come because I know you, this will cross a line for you. You’re not gonna enjoy it. You’re not gonna laugh. So, I love you, you can come if you want to, but don’t come.’

She didn’t relay whether or not she ever went to a show, but photos did roll around of a “punk rock shiva” a lot of Bob Saget’s friends attended after his official funeral, which featured a lot of comedic greats, including Dave Chappelle and Jeff Ross. Bure did not seem to be among the attendees. 

However, she’s been supportive in many other ways. She’s wanted everyone to remember how much Bob Saget really loved hugs. The actor was a hugger on and off set, and after he died, Bure shared a lot of those moments with her fans. In addition, she also partnered to create a shirt that read “Hug like Bob Saget.” 

Proceeds from the sale of the shirts go to Scleroderma Research Foundation, a charity that was near and dear to Saget’s heart. His sister, Gay, had suffered from the disease before her passing, and Saget served on the board. 

Bob Saget clearly touched the lives of many people, from Bure and her other Full House co-stars, to celebrities varying as wildly as Steve Harvey (who missed one last chance to connect with the actor) and many other comedians, the How I Met Your Mother cast, the America’s Funniest Home Video hosts and many, many more who spoke out following the actor's death at 65. Saget was a well-liked guy in the industry, and he'll certainly be missed. 

Jessica Rawden
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